PREPRUFE® comprehensive waterproofing system

Continuous waterproofing, from the inside out


Foundation waterproofing requires continuity across systems. That's why we've brought together pre-applied and post-applied waterproofing into a complete, best-in-class system, including

The importance of foundation waterproofing 

Leaks from groundwater, storm water runoff or irrigation water may impact the foundation of any building that's improperly waterproofed — and when concrete is involved, there are a number of ways that water can travel into and around a structure. 

A continuous waterproofing system is critical to mitigating these risks. 

Best-in-class waterproofing performance 

With more than one billion ft2 around the globe, PREPRUFE® waterproofing is trusted by architects and contractors the world over. Featuring ease of installation along with robust adhesion between the membrane and the structure, the PREPRUFE® line of products offers premium protection against moisture and gas for the design life of the structure. Our unique ADVANCED BOND TECHNOLOGY™ enables the system to form an aggressive bond with the concrete slab. ASTM hydrostatic head testing demonstrates that this can successfully prevent water from migrating between the membrane and concrete, greatly reducing the risk of catastrophic waterproofing failure. 

Contractor-friendly features 

Our R&D team continually seeks ways to innovate in ways that help make contractors’ lives easier. The PREPRUFE® line of waterproofing system offers an array range of time-saving features that vastly simplify installation. The ZIPLAP™ seams in PREPRUFE® Plus pre-applied waterproofing systems helps sheets bond to one another more easily, while the two-in-one capabilities of PREPRUFE® 800XP post-applied waterproofing eliminates the need to add a separate protection board. All this adds up to faster ROI for contractors.

Supported by waterproofing experts 

Our waterproofing products are backed by end-to-end design and field support to help our customer with everything from product specification to streamlining installation. Many customers rely on PREPRUFE to help accelerate project completion, gain greater peace of mind, and improve the durability of their structure. 


PREPRUFE® waterproofing systems are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Airports
  • Colleges and universities
  • Commercial/retail
  • Infrastructure
  • Mixed use buildings
  • Museums
  • Public transit
  • Stadiums

System features:

  • 25+ year track record
  • Flexible yet highly durable films
  • Easy-to-install detailing 
  • Resistant to water migration (Independently tested at 70 meters of hydrostatic head pressure)
  • Red List Free 





Products & Accessories


Sheet applied waterproofing

  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Key Benefits
  • Applications Type
PREPRUFE® 250 Membrane Data Sheet

PREPRUFE®250 pre-applied waterproofing membrane is a unique composite sheets comprised of a thick HDPE film, pressure sensitive adhesive and weather resistant protective coating.

Key Benefits
  • Forms a continuous adhesive bond to concrete poured against it 
  • Specifically designed to prevent water migration 
  • Continuous bond to poured concrete means PREPRUFE® 250 membrane is unaffected by ground settlement
Application Type
  • PREPRUFE® 250 is intended for low hydrostatic pressure or intermittent water conditions. Applications include construction such as garages, plant rooms and utility grade basements
PREPRUFE® 275 / PREPRUFE® 275HC Membrane Data Sheet

Sheet applied waterproofing


GCP PREPRUFE® 275HC membrane is a composite sheet comprised of an HDPE film, an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive and a weather resistant protective coating.

Key Benefits
  • Forms a continuous adhesive bond to concrete poured against it
  • Durable system designed specifically to withstand the force of shotcrete placement
Application Type
PREPRUFE® 300R/160R Plus & PREPRUFE® 300R/160R Plus LT Data Sheet

Sheet applied waterproofing


GCP PREPRUFE® 300R/160R Plus pre applied waterproofing membranes are unique composite sheets comprised of a thick HDPE film, pressure sensitive adhesive, and weather resistant protective coating. Designed with Advanced Bond Technology™ and dual adhesive ZipLap™ seams, PREPRUFE® 300R/160R Plus form a unique, integral bond to poured concrete.

Key Benefits
  • The unique continuous adhesive bond to concrete poured against it prevents water migration and makes it unaffected by ground settlement beneath slabs
  • Provides a barrier to water, moisture and gas physically isolating the structure from the surrounding substrate
  • Easy roll/kick out installation reduces installation time and cost
  • Release liner free, expedites installation and reduces construction site waste
  • Simple and quick to install requiring no priming or fillets
Application Type
PREPRUFE® 800PA Post-Applied Membrane Data Sheet

PREPRUFE® 800PA post-applied waterproofing membrane works seamlessly with PREPRUFE® Plus pre-applied membrane to create a complete, fully integrated system for below-grade waterproofing.

Key Benefits
  • Aggressive Adhesion 
  • Superior Performance
  • Fully Bonded 
Application Type
PREPRUFE® Detail Tape Data Sheet

PREPRUFE® Detail Tape is a specially formulated, two-sided, highly aggressive tape. It is a 2 in (50 mm) wide x 50 ft (15 m) long self-adhesive tape with a release liner.

Key Benefits
Application Type
  • Detailing accessory to the PREPRUFE® and PREPRUFE® SCS Systems
  • Adhering HYDRODUCT® drainage composites and insulation boards to waterproofing membranes
PREPRUFE® Liquid Flashing Data Sheet

PREPRUFE® Liquid Flashing is a two-component elastomeric, cold applied, trowel grade material designed for use with PREPRUFE®  pre-applied waterproofing systems.

Key Benefits
  • Liquid applied
  • Cold applied
  • Waterproof
  • Chemically cured
  • System compatible
  • Bonds to poured concrete
  • Reduced labor
Application Type
  • Fillet material around pipe or rebar penetrations
  • Sealing material at H-piles, columns, and terminations
  • Damage repair of PREPRUFE® surface

PREPRUFE® SCS is a unique blindside waterproofing system specifically developed to provide a high performance waterproofing solution for shotcrete foundation walls.

Key Benefits
  • Post-injected grout fills and seals, providing ultimate waterproofing protection
  • Aggressive bond to shotcrete resists lateral water migration
  • Excellent resistance to hydrostatic pressure
Application Type
  • Applied vertically to timber lagging or other soil retention systems
PREPRUFE® Tape and PREPRUFE® CJ Tape Data Sheet

PREPRUFE® Tape and PREPRUFE® CJ Tape are specially formulated two sided, reinforced pressure-sensitive tapes. These tapes are constructed with a highly aggressive adhesive which is designed to adhere to penetrations, protrusions and GCP waterproofing membranes.

Key Benefits
  • Highly aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Weather resistant protective coating
  • Form a continuous and integral seal to the structure
Application Type
  • Used in detail areas including end laps, penetrations and various tie-ins
  • Used to patch damaged areas in the PREPRUFE® membranes
  • Used at construction joints in concrete


  • Accessory Name
  • Description
  • Key Benefits
  • Applications Type
PREPRUFE® Grout EG 75 Data Sheet

PREPRUFE® Grout EG 75 is a high performance, solvent free, impermeable epoxy grout for maintaining the continuity of PREPRUFE® waterproofing systems at pile heads and similar structural penetrations.

Key Benefits
  • Compatible with all products in the PREPRUFE® sheet waterproofing system 
  • Impermeable
  • High bond to substrate
  • Rapid strength gain
Application Type
  • Waterproofing of pileheads and pilecaps
  • Waterproofing of structural penetrations through PREPRUFE® waterproofing systems
  • Recommended thickness range 1/2" (13mm) - 3" (75 mm)
PREPRUFE® Tieback Cover Data Sheet

The PREPRUFE® Tieback Cover is a specially designed, two-part cover used to maintain waterproofing integrity at soil retention tieback heads.

Key Benefits
  • Prevents water migration
  • Fully-adhered watertight laps using PREPRUFE® Tape
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Easy to inspect
Application Type
  • Installed over cable and rod type tieback heads