Road Protection

Solutions that enable faster return-to-service. GCP’s road reinstatement products were designed to provide convenience to road crews, enabling them to quickly and efficiently perform their work. This reduces labor costs and minimizes roadway disruption. Offering a combination of high bond strength and water intrusion protection, these solutions deliver peace of mind for protecting roadways.


GCP Applied Technologies acquired Stirling Lloyd in May 2017. Together, we have a powerful combination of industry expertise, product innovation and global technical support. GCP is available from the design stage through to project delivery, providing ongoing support with long-lasting systems that are fast and simple to apply.

SAFETRACK™ MTI microtrenching infill system was designed specifically to infill roadways after microtrenching is performed for underground fiber optic cable installation. This fluid applied, quick curing, self-compacting product is used to reduce the labor costs of reinstating roadways after fiber optic cables are installed. SAFETRACK™ MTI microtrenching seals roads from water ingress and offers high stability under traffic, helping to protect underground cables. 

SAFETRACK™ MTI Road Reinstatement

SAFETRACK™ MTI was designed specifically to infill roadways after microtrenching is performed. It seals the trench to protect it from water ingress, supports  the sides of the trench to prevent collapse, contributes to the protection of the buried cable and provides a vehicle trafficable surface.


SAFETRACK™ RMP 200 waterproofing, wearing & traffic coating

The SAFETRACK™ RMP 200 waterproofing and traffic coating system protects parking garages from water penetration and corrosion while providing a durable friction surface.