SAFETRACK® Road Maintenance Products

Road protection and demarcation


Unprecedented traffic growth has put an increased strain on infrastructure such as highways, roadways and parking garages. The SAFETRACK® family of highway maintenance products offer superior protection for critical public and private works projects. Formerly sold under the renowned Stirling Lloyd brand, SAFETRACK® products have a 40+ year history of extending service life, reducing maintenance costs and improving safety.

Protect miles of roadways

These novel systems have been used to protect miles of roadways globally. The fast application and rapid curing capabilities of this technology minimize disruption to work schedules. Long-term, the high-performance materials dramatically reduce the need for ongoing maintenance compared to traditional products. This results in lower lifecycle costs associated with upkeep and a faster return-to-service.

These flexible solutions include: 

  • SAFETRACK® MTI for the infill and final reinstatement of micro-trenches. This unique system is used to reinstate asphalt and concrete microtrenches after below-ground installation of fiber optic cables. Specifically designed for microtrenching infill, SAFETRACK® MTI is a cold, liquid-applied resin that cures to form a bond stronger than the original surface’s cohesive strength. 
  • SAFETRACK® DS waterproofing and traffic coating system for parking garages. This easy-to-apply system cures to form a highly durable coating that protects against water infiltration – an important step for maximizing the life of the parking structure. In addition, the unique traffic coating system  enables the waterproofing application to be completed up to two weeks faster than alternative solutions. 


SAFETRACK® MTI and SAFETRACK® DS are both cold applied, which eliminates the inherent costs and safety issues involved with hot works projects.

The benefits of SAFETRACK systems extend beyond the technology. As category creators in numerous waterproofing innovations, GCP Applied Technologies brings together its decades of waterproofing expertise with Stirling Lloyd’s proven track record in protecting critical structures. In addition, our veteran Technical Services team works hand-in-hand with clients to ensure a smooth waterproofing application. 

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Parking Structures

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Parking Structures


SAFETRACK® DS is a rapidly curing, liquid applied waterproofing and surfacing system designed specifically for parking garage applications.

Key Benefits
  • 100% seamless waterproofing featuring ESSELAC® technology
  • Rapid cure at low temperatures, installs down to 23°F
  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
Application Type
  • Parking garages
  • Pedestrian walkways and footbridges
  • Balconies and exposed decks

SAFETRACK® MTI is a cold, liquid applied, self–consolidating , flexible roadway reinstatement system based on Stirling Lloyd's (now part of GCP Applied Technologies) unique ESSELAC® resin technology.

Key Benefits
  • Rapid cure
  • Cold applied, no hot trades
  • Free flowing and self-consolidating – no compaction required
Application Type
  • Micro-trench reinstatement
  • Broadband networks