Control the Elements with Advanced Air and Vapor Barriers

Protect your building from the natural elements with the time tested, most advanced, effective and complete collection of weather barriers available.

Total Protection for Complete Peace of Mind

From the tallest skyscrapers to the most expansive structures, depend on our external barrier protection products for a stronger, longer guarantee against the elements. These impactful, industry-leading products protect a building’s structural components in even the harshest conditions, increasing their longevity, reliability and stability for generations.

Air & Vapor Barrier Products

Air-tight Building Defense Against Deterioration

The uncontrolled movement of air and moisture in your building can lead to mold, mildew and deterioration. Each poses serious threats to your building's structural integrity, while unchecked airflow can also hurt air quality for your tenants and vastly increase heating and cooling costs. By using the complete PERM-A-BARRIER® system consisting of air barriers, sealants, flashing and other accessories, your building envelope is protected. They save you time and money because they're easy to install. Plus, they defend your building against unwanted air leakage for generations.

Premium Protection From the Elements

Our self-adhered weather resistive barriers are a highly durable membrane that directly adheres to the sheathing making installation easy and offering immediate protection from water damage. Using the latest in building science and technology, our VYCOR® and VYCOR® enV-S™ barriers create air-tight, yet breathable homes and achieve the highest product performance available.