Five Ways to Accelerate Construction

Solutions to staying on schedule during challenging times.

From extreme weather to inadequate supply of workers, construction projects are prone to disruptions. In addition, construction project challenges have been magnified due to the pandemic which has resulted in supply chain disruptions and inflation.

The good news is that even under current unprecedented conditions, there are ways to mitigate the impact to the project schedule. The following are some effective ways to stay on schedule:

1.    Examine Permits: Consider the potential permits you'll need when choosing construction methods. Additional permits may add costs and delays to your project. 

For example, waterproofing on decks has often been done using open flames for hot-applied products, and this requires additional permitting in some regions. That's one reason why many waterproofing applicators have switched from hot-applied to cold-applied liquid waterproofing. In addition to its safety benefits, cold-applied membranes offer cost savings related to labor, materials and equipment rentals. 

2.    Use Products that Eliminate Steps: Look for construction products that effectively cut out application steps. 

When examining building envelope products, consider primerless air barrier products to eliminate the use of primer and reduce the application time. On residential projects, self-adhered weather barriers are also available. They not only save time, but also provide more effective protection compared to traditional housewraps. 

3.    Use Products that Stand Up to Extreme Climate Conditions: Choose products that are unlikely to cause weather delays. For example, when it comes to installing air barriers, there are also rain resistant solutions that help keep projects moving forward, despite rain or cold temperatures.  

4.    Examine Application Methods: Look at application methods and speed when choosing new products, also consider products that can be exposed to the elements to help with scheduling.

5.    Look for Performance & Support Behind the Products: When examining a product, be sure to look at how the product manufacturer will support you. Will they offer technical service? Do they have a team of experts that will visit the building site to examine their products and guide the contractor on how to install them properly? Have they been in business for a long time? Have their products performed well over many years? Do they have project profiles to prove performance? These are all more important considerations that will save time in the long run.

Now more than ever there is demand for construction products to do more: be more durable, flexible and easy to install. Decisions made at any given phase of construction play a pivotal role that impacts the overall productivity of the project. It is critical to examine each phase to see how you can accelerate it without compromise.

GCP offers many high-performance products that save time and offer flexibility that solve today’s construction challenges. By taking advantage of these time-saving solutions and stepping outside of routine procedures, construction projects can be better managed to meet deadlines.


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