GCP Plus

Ordering best-in-class construction products just got easier.

Bringing you improved productivity and transparency

Introducing GCP Plus. Our one-stop customer portal that puts you in charge of your fulfillment journey. Place, manage and track orders - anywhere, anytime.

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Skip the call customer service or sales for order status or pricing! GCP Plus makes it easy to:

  • Access product details, including safety data sheets, product data sheets, product certifications, LEED request forms, warranty information, and product dimensions
  • Order products from any device
  • Receive instant order confirmation
  • Track packages
  • Access and pay invoices online
  • View order history

Easy order processing

The intuitive system features quick order, simplified search and navigation features, and allows you to connect with customer service as needed.

Instant business insights

Real-time track and trace data is available for all GCP planned shipments. Map tracking is also available for carriers with GPS capabilities. 

Coming January 2021

  • Job Quoting and Promotions.
    Real time job quoting, access to quote history and promotions

Access to GCP Product Information

New products and promotions, data sheets and warranty information at your finger tips