Less Means More

From our products to our processes, sustainability is at the forefront of our thinking and influences the decisions we make everyday.

Sustainability at GCP

Environmental impact is a focal point in the products we develop and services we offer as we partner with our customers to create sustainable solutions. By managing the effect that our industry has on the world, we’re helping to produce less so that we can accomplish more. 

Sustainability Information

Environmentally & Sustainably Focused

Our focus is on empowering our customers to use products that reduce carbon footprints and extend the life of products. This focus takes the shape of two main areas in which we’re driving sustainability forward.

Specialty Construction Chemicals

We’re challenging the standard in construction chemicals by:

  • Lowering energy consumption in cement production
  • Reducing our customers CO2 emissions with efficient and effective concrete admixtures and cement additives.
  • Using big data to deliver more sustainable concrete and reduce waste
  • Keeping returned concrete out of landfills

Specialty Building Materials

We’re building a better world through innovations that:

  • Increase energy efficiency by controlling air flow in and out of structures
  • Improve the longevity and durability of structures
  • Support LEED building certification

Our Social Impact

Beyond the work we do, our people are committed to building the world better through their commitment and involvement to their communities. From reducing their own footprints, to participating and supporting associations that push the world toward a more sustainable future, our team members can be found all across the globe contributing to the communities that they call home.

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