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Product Description

SAFETRACK® DS is a rapidly curing, liquid applied waterproofing and surfacing system designed specifically for parking garage applications. Utilzing GCP’s advanced ESSELAC® technology, the system is comprised of a tough, impermeable waterproofing membrane and a fully compatible, durable skid resistant surface finish. 

The system may be partially or fully reinforced subject to the design of the area being treated. SAFETRACK® DS is suitable for both new construction and refurbishment construction.


SAFETRACK® DS is designed to protect structures from water penetration and corrosion whilst providing skid resistant properties in a variety of trafficed applications including:

  • Parking garages
  • Pedestrian walkways and footbridges
  • Balconies and exposed decks


  • 100% seamless waterproofing featuring ESSELAC® technology
  • Rapid cure at low temperatures, installs down to 23°F
  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Durable skid resistant surface
  • Trafficable within one hour

Surface Preparation

The success of any waterproofing system is dependent on the thoroughness of the surface preparation.

All concrete decks must be prepared by suitable mechanical means to provide a sound surface. All laitance should be removed so that the aggregate in the deck slab is visible. Water jetting is not an acceptable method of preparation.

New concrete decks must be a minimum of fourteen days old. The substrate must be clean, dry and structurally sound. It must be free from laitance, oils and other surface contaminants.

For substrates other than concrete or where additives, cement replacement or curing compounds have been used, contact GCP to obtain approval for the use of the system.



Concrete substrates must be primed using PAR1 Primer prior to application of the membrane. Apply using a brush or roller.


The SAFETRACK® DS Membrane is metered, mixed and spray applied using plural component spray equipment.

Wearing Course

The SAFETRACK® DS  Wearing Course is poured onto the membrane and spread out using a notched squeegee. This is then followed over with a medium pile roller to achieve the desired surface finish.

The wearing course should be applied to horizontal surfaces in one coat at a minimum coverage of 32ft2/gal for a nominal dry film thickness of 50 mils with a minimum of 40 mils. To the vertical surfaces it must be applied in two coats. Each coat on the vertical surface should be applied to give a minimum dry film thickness of 20 mils. 

The system can be trafficked once the wearing course has cured, typically within 1 hour.

It is essential that good air circulation and ventilation be provided during application in enclosed spaces to ensure full cure.

Technical Data

Application Temperature Range 23 to 95°F
Minimum Overcoating Times
PAR1 Primer
85°F 15 minutes
50°F 30 minutes
32°F 45 minutes
85°F 45 minutes
50°F 90 minutes
32°F 2 hours
Wearing Course
85°F 20 minutes
50°F 50 minutes
32°F 60 minutes

Packaging and Storage

PAR1 Primer     4.7 gal kits 
SAFETRACK® DS Membrane 93.4 gal kits (2 x 46.7 gal drums)
SAFETRACK® DS  Wearing Course    27.5kg Kits

All components of the SAFETRACK® DS  System should be stored in cool, dry, protected conditions, out of direct sunlight and in accordance with the relevant site Health & Safety regulations. Storage temperature must not exceed 68oF. Do not store near open flames or foodstuffs.

Stored in unopened containers, under the correct conditions, the components have a shelf life of six months. 


All tools and equipment should be cleaned with acetone before the material is allowed to cure.

General Information

SAFETRACK® DS is part of a wide range of specialist waterproofing surfacing and repair materials manufactured and supplied by GCP Applied Technologies.  

Health & Safety

Users must read and understand the product label and Safety Data Sheet for each system component before use. All users should acquaint themselves with this information prior to working with the material. Carefully read detailed precaution statements on the product labels and SDS before use. SDS’s can be obtained from the GCP web site at or by contacting GCP toll free at 1-866-333-3SBM (3726).

Physical Properties (SAFETRACK® DS Membrane)

Property Test Method Result
Application Temperature   23°F to 95°F 
System thickness (typical dry film) Wearing Course Only Min. 55 mils (including primer)
  Un-reinforced 145 mils 
  Reinforced 180 mils
Gel Time Internal 6-11 minutes @ 68°F (20°C)
Overcoating Time Internal 45 minutes @ 68°F (20°C)
Tensile Strength (typical) ASTM A412 1,400 psi 
Elongation At Break (typical) ASTM A412 135%
Tear Strength ASTM D624 300 lbf/in
Dynamic Crack Bridging ASTM C1305  
@ 1/8 in (3.2 mm), -15°F (- 26°C) (10 cycles) Pass
Tensile Bond Strength (minimum)
Concrete ASTM D4541-89 100psi 
Steel ASTM D4541-89 >250 psi 
Heat aging ASTM C1522 Pass
Shore A ASTM D2240 60 | North America Customer Service: +1 (877) 423 6491

GCP also provides a wide range of polymer overlays, high friction surfacing, pavement marking and color demarcation systems for highways and private use. Please contact us for further information.

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