PREPRUFE® Liquid Flashing

Simple, quick, and fully bonded waterproofing detailing aid to be used in conjunction with PREPRUFE® waterproofing systems.


PREPRUFE® Liquid Flashing is an innovative Advanced Bond Technology™ two-part, cold-applied, trowel-grade detailing compound designed to seal penetrations and repair any damages to PREPRUFE® waterproofing membrane surfaces in pre-applied waterproofing systems. With PREPRUFE® Liquid Flashing, move to the next detail faster, with half the labor, while using only one material. 


Preprufe Liquid Flashing reduces the need for additional materials and multiple product logistics to complete a waterproof pre-applied penetration detailing. Based on a typical pipe penetration detail, it reduces up to 20% of global warming potential when compared to traditional detailing.

Simple & Faster

Cold-applied in a single layer allows for installation speeds up to four times faster than traditional flashing products.  Additionally, its low install temperature of 25 degrees keeps crews working in cold conditions.

High Performance

PREPRUFE® Liquid Flashing bonds to poured concrete and conforms to irregular profiles. It is ideally suited for fillet material around pipe or rebar penetrations, sealing material at H-piles, columns, and terminations, and damage repair for PREPRUFE® membranes.  It creates a waterproof seal and is resistant to lateral water migration under pressure.


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PREPRUFE® Liquid Flashing Data Sheet

PREPRUFE® Liquid Flashing is a two-component elastomeric, cold applied, trowel grade material designed for use with PREPRUFE®  pre-applied waterproofing systems.

Key Benefits
  • Liquid applied
  • Cold applied
  • Waterproof
  • Chemically cured
  • System compatible
  • Bonds to poured concrete
  • Reduced labor
Application Type
  • Fillet material around pipe or rebar penetrations
  • Sealing material at H-piles, columns, and terminations
  • Damage repair of PREPRUFE® surface