2,271 mt

one VERIFI® customer reduced their cement use by six million lbs.(2,271 metric tons).*

$2 / yd3

Ready-mix producers can yield a savings of more than $2 / yd3 leveraging VERIFI’s value programs.*


The consistency of concrete can fall out of specification during the delivery process for many reasons, causing it to be rejected when it arrives at the job site. This inefficiency costs concrete producers money and creates waste.  

VERIFI® is the first-ever technology to address these inefficiencies in the concrete delivery process by actively managing concrete from batch plant to job site. 

The automated system encompasses in-truck sensors, injection hoses, and data intelligence. It collects real-time data about the concrete properties as the concrete batch travels to the job site, and automatically adds exactly the right amount of water and admixture, as needed and if necessary, to keep and deliver the concrete as it was specified. 

*Reflects GCP internal estimates

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The VERIFI® advantage

  • Reduces rejected loads
  • Saves water, cement, and diesel fuel
  • Optimizes mix designs and truck turnaround times
  • Measures and monitors slump en route to the jobsite, automatically adding water and
    admixture as needed to keep each batch arriving to the jobsite on spec
  • Provides actionable data to uncover and resolve bottlenecks across the operation

Project Profiles

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