CLARENA® Solutions for Materials Management

Improve aggregate and concrete flexibility and sustainability


Concrete and aggregate producers alike face challenges that can have a significant impact on both operational efficiency and production consistency. 

Producers increasingly turn to the CLARENA® family of products to help them address many material management issues, from overcoming common quality obstacles to dealing with returned concrete. These products help producers improve materials flexibility, reduce waste and increase productivity and profits. 

CLARENA® Products

CLARENA® Concrete Admixture Concrete Admixture Technologies for Clay Mitigation
CLARENA® RC Returned Concrete Management Solutions

These solutions enable aggregate and concrete producers to:

  • Extend quarry reserves
  • Achieve greater efficiency 
  • Deliver more consistent results
  • Keep waste out of landfills


Products & Accessories


  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Key Benefits
  • Applications Type
CLARENA® MC2000 Data Sheet

CLARENA® MC2000 is a patented mid-range water reducing admixture. It is manufactured under rigorous quality control to ensure uniform, predictable performance in the presence of clay bearing aggregates.

Key Benefits
  • Excellent dose efficiency in presence of clays
  • Linear water reduction
  • Excellent slump retention
  • Superior strength performance
Application Type
  • Recommended for use with a wide range of concrete slumps where superior finishing characteristics are desired, particularly in commercial and residential flatwork and formed concrete applications.
CLARENA® RC40 Data Sheet

CLARENA® RC40 is a bagged additive specifically designed to convert plastic concrete to a granular form, that can then be reused to replace the coarse and fine aggregate in concrete or as base/sub-base material, eliminating the need to discard unused or returned concrete.

Key Benefits
  • Single component
  • Environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, non-reactive (inert), non-regulated, bio-degradable
  • Does not require additional equipment
Application Type