Concrete admixture origin

Concrete admixtures have been around for nearly a century. We should know, we were there. GCP, then Dewey & Almy Chemical Company invented the first water reducer in 1930.

Concrete admixture

Since then, water reducers, superplasticizers, set accelerators, corrosion inhibitors, rheology modifiers, air-entraining agents, among other concrete admixtures, have become essential in the ready mix concrete, precast, tunneling and other concrete industries.

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Ready mix concrete life cycle

Not only are the chemicals, aggregates, sand, cement, water and other additives important in the concrete mix; these are merely the loose materials. Concrete producers must also possess intimate technological knowledge and expertise to run systems and technical services that support their ready mix concrete business, from batching to pouring concrete… more

Admixture briefcase

The admixture briefcase is fully loaded with water reducers and superplasticizers, corrosion inhibitors, set accelerators, rheology modifiers, air-entraining agents and many more concrete admixture technologies. We've also packed the briefcase with a concrete calculator, construction data documents and other resources for the complete concrete life cycle—from batching, to pouring, to fine-tuning mix designs and managing materials… more

Concrete mix design

Technical bulletins on best practices, complete with detailed instructions for incorporating high-performance concrete admixtures into mix designs as submittals for concrete construction projects… more

Concrete calculator

The STRUX® concrete calculator recommends correct dosage rates for STRUX® 90/40 macro synthetic fibers, as a steel welded wire mesh (WWM) replacement in concrete installations… more

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