DUCTILCRETE® Engineered Slab System Post-Installation Guide

Joint Treatment and Maintenance

  • The Floor has a five (5) year limited warranty that requires the initial treatment and continuing maintenance applied to the exposed joints, and compliance with terms contained in the warranty.
    • Initiate a joint maintenance program per the joint filler manufacturer’s recommendations.
    • All joints must remain filled and maintained to be covered by the DUCTILCRETE® Warranty.
  • Report  to DUCTILCRETE® technical field service any joint steps that exhibit spalling immediately.
    • A joint step is a misalignment between two (2) slab sections that occurs at a joint. Material handling vehicle traffic will quickly erode a joint step.


  • Report to DUCTILCRETE® technical field service any new cracks that open and/or exhibit spalling.

General Maintenance

  • Treat petroleum stains with absorber materials ASAP.
    • NOTE - No satisfactory chemical or cleaning procedure is available to remove petroleum stains from the concrete surface.  Prevention is therefore essential.
  • Immediately vacuum and wet mop acidic stains, such as:
    • Lemon or lime juice
    • Wine
    • Battery acid
  • Clean the floor to prevent dirt build up using power hand and scrubbing machines with soft poly brushes.
    • Avoid using scrubbing equipment fitted with Ny-Grit brushes.

Material Storage and Pallets

  • When possible, support all stored metals on dry wood crib supports to avoid rust staining.

Material Handling Vehicles, Including Fork Trucks

  • Avoid exposing the floor to loads greater than those provided to the Slab Engineer of Record (SEOR) during design.
  • Prevent the use of metal or phenolic wheels.
  • Prevent buildup of heavy grit, metal shavings, staples, or other contaminants on vehicle tires.
  • Avoid any dragging or scraping of the floor during pallet or material movement.


Upon receipt of written notification of a warranted defect occurrence, the DUCTILCRETE® Licensee that installed the slab and issued the warranty will expeditiously inspect the condition, determine if the defect is a warrantable item in accordance with the applicable warranty, and if deemed warrantable under the terms of such warranty, proceed to schedule and repair so as to minimize the warranty holder’s inconvenience.

The foregoing damage is not covered by the warranty

  • Using pallets with exposed nails that may distort, gouge, and scratch the surface.
  • Use of metal or phenolic wheels.  These types of wheels will quickly erode the floor. 
  • Dragging or scraping of the floor during pallet or material movement.


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