Durability enhancers, such as corrosion inhibitors or synthetic macro fibers, can extend the lifecycle of a concrete structure. Durable structures tend to be safer, more cost efficient over time, and more environmentally friendly, because they reduce environmental impacts related to repair and replacement.

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STRUX® Fibers.

Synthetic macro fibers. Extend the lifecycle of concrete structures. Reduce operating time and product waste. Eliminate the hazards inherent in placing heavy, wire mesh with sharp pointy ends.

The primary function of the fibers is to control cracking. Keeping the cracks small reduces permeability and improves durability.

STRUX® lightweight synthetic macro fibers replace steel or wire mesh that’s typically used to lightly reinforce concrete, eliminating the potential for steel/wire mesh corrosion, which can degrade concrete performance. Discover more. 

DCI® corrosion inhibitor.

Help safeguard steel rebar or mesh inside of concrete from corrosion. Passivate the protective oxide layer on reinforcing steel, making it more resistant to chloride ions and delaying the onset of corrosion. DCI increases concrete durability in aggressive environments:. Increases protection for steel reinforcement in concrete exposed to chlorides in service and thereby help to achieve design service lives. Discover more about DCI.

ECLIPSE® Shrinkage Reducer.

Reduce the magnitude of autogenous/drying shrinkage and related issues such as cracking and curling. Extend joint spacing in SOG. Less curling could represent: Increased allowable loads on the slab and less equipment maintenance (forklift) . Improve water tightness in water-retaining structures. Act chemically to dramatically reduce internal concrete forces that would otherwise cause concrete to shrink, crack, or curl. Discover more about ECLIPSE.

FORCE 10,000® D silica fume

A recovered, eco-friendly material that improves both strength and durability of concrete for high-performance concrete. Potential to extend structural service life: optimizes strength and element sizing.

FORCE 10,000D: Datasheet
FORCE 10,000D: Safety Data Sheet

HRMK 100 metakaolin

Improves both strength and durability of concrete. This may entail thermal processing. Potential to extend structural service life (reduces permeability, Increases compressive and flexural strengths). Recommended material for mitigating ASR (allows the use of local aggregates).

HRMK 100: Datasheet
HRMK 100: Safety Data Sheet

V-MAR® VSC 500

Increase the moisture tolerance of pervious concrete. Bring more consistency and a longer placement window to pervious concrete, a mix that helps reduce excess stormwater/pollution runoff into nearby waterways. V-MAR® also improves the workability of the pervious concrete to accelerate truck discharge time and greatly reduce raveling. Discover more about V-MAR.

V-MAR® VSC 500: Datasheet
V-MAR® VSC 500: Safety Data Sheet

Other specialty admixtures

Enhancing concrete durability, such as:

  • RASIR® Alkali-Silica Reaction Mitigators.
  • ADPRUFE® Water Repellents.

RASIR®: Datasheet
RASIR®: Safety Data Sheet

ADPRUFE® 100: Datasheet