Acid Etching Gel

Product Description

PIERI® GEL-ETCH is a light, controlled etching acid gel in which the acid is blended in gel form to help control fumes and aid in adhesion to vertical surfaces. Coverage: approximately 90-180 ft2/gal (2.2-4.4 m2/L), depending on etch desired.


PIERI® GEL-ETCH is ideal for simulated limestone or for field patchwork, including vertical surfaces. The light etch will preserve formwork details and will not interfere with waterproofing sealers or other coatings.

Directions for Use

Pre-wet area to be treated to a saturated surface dry condition. Mix PIERI ®GEL-ETCH thoroughly and apply with a acid resistant brush over the section to be treated. When bubbling stops, rinse completely, or apply a second coat in order to provide a more overall appearance. Finally, rinse thoroughly using high pressure water if available.

Note the etch depth will be a function of dwell time and number of applications.

Packaging & Handling

PIERI® GEL-ETCH is available in 5 gallon (19 L) plastic pails and has a unlimited shelf life if stored in in a cool dry place in its closed original container.

Physical Specifications

Specific Gravity: 1.2

Flash Point: >212°F (>100°C)


Corrosive product. Wear acid proof gloves, apron and goggles or face shield. Avoid contact with skin. Read SDS before use.