OMNITEK® Realk Liquid

Re-alkalinisation of carbonated concrete

Product Description

OMNITEK® Realk Liquid is a single component re-alkalinisation liquid for protecting and upgrading concrete, removing the effects of carbonatation due to creation of an alkaline environment in the concrete.


  • High re-alkalinisation capacity, effectively removing the effects of carbonatation.
  • One component, ready to use solution with fast, easy and cost effective application by spraying.
  • Compatible with all OMNITEK® and BETEC® cement based repair mortars and concrete.
  • Solvent free.

Field of Application

OMNITEK® Realk Liquid is used for:

  • Re-alkalisation of carbonated concrete

Product Properties

Technical Data/Properties(*)

    OMNITEK® Realk Liquid
Properties Unit Value*
Consistency [-] High flowable liquid
Application temperature [°C] +3 to +35
Density [kg/dm3] ≈ 1.15
pH [-] ≈ 12.8
Consumption(**) [kg/m2] ≈ 0.3
Shelf life 12 Months
Stored under cover, clear of the ground, protected from all sources of moisture and frost.
Packaging Plastic drums of 5L.
72 pails per pallet (360kg)
Appearance White opaque liquid.

(*)Typical values in production control. All tests were executed under a conditioned temperature of 21°C and 65% RH.
(**)Consumption needs to be estimated by the designer, since it depends on the surface roughness and porosity of the surface.


1. Preparation of Substrate

  • Substrate preparation has to be according EN 1504-10 part 7.
  • The substrate has to be free from dirt, grease, laitance, loose concrete, loose particles or layers which could adversely affect adhesion.
  • Remove all damaged concrete and prepare substrate by sand or grid blasting, high pressure water jetting, or other methods until base concrete is exposed, offering sufficient roughness (bond) and open pores.
  • The concrete surface needs to have an open capillary system.
  • The substrate must be frost-free.

2. Mixing

  • The product is ready to apply. It is recommended to homogenize the material before use.

3. Application

  • OMNITEK® Realk Liquid can be applied directly on the surface by brush, roller or by spraying.
  • OMNITEK® Realk Liquid needs to be applied before application of other products such as corrosion inhibitors, primers, repair mortars or coatings.

4. Curing

  • Allow sufficient time for the liquid to impregnate the concrete. Time depends on porosity of concrete and ambient conditions.

5. Cleaning and maintenance

  • Mixing and application equipment should be cleaned immediately with clean water.

6. Special remarks

  • Low temperatures reduce the fluidity.

Health & Safety

OMNITEK® Realk Liquid is a highly alkaline product and can therefore cause burns to skin and eyes, which should be protected during use. Wear gloves and protective eye shields. Wearing a mask is advised. Treat splashes to eyes and skin immediately with clean water. Consult a doctor when irritation continues. If accidentally ingested, drink water and consult a doctor. Users must comply with all risk and safety phrases. MSDS’s can be obtained from GCP Applied Technologies or from our website. GISCODE ZP1. | North America Customer Service: 1 877-4AD-MIX1 (1 877-423-6491)

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