METASET® ResiFilla concrete leveling, repair and smoothing system

High performance, rapid-hardening polymeric fill/repair compounds

Solutions for defective concrete, stone and some asphalt surfaces.

It is key that substrate preparation systems do not hold up project progression. METASET® ResiFilla is a rapid hardening leveling repair and smoothing compound for concrete, stone and asphalt surfaces. Based on unique ESSELAC® technology, the system combines a low viscosity resin with specially graded inert fillers that rapidly develop full compressive strength with excellent thermal and mechanical shock resistance, even at sub-zero temperatures.


What are METASET® ResiFilla Compounds?

METASET® ResiFilla is used for the leveling, repair and smoothing of damaged or deeply textured horizontal surfaces. It can be extended with coarse aggregates to treat depths of over 10mm. METASET® ResiFilla vertical is also available for use on vertical or steeply included surfaces.

METASET® ResiFilla can be used in on range of areas, particularly on projects where avoiding delays is essential such as:

  • Concrete roads and ramps
  • Bridge and parking garage decks
  • Driveways and pavements
  • Loading bays and warehouses
  • Floor maintenance
  • Cold stores
  • Airport runways and aprons
  • Raising and grouting manhole covers and bedding street furniture

Product Advantages

  • Rapid cure to full strength: One to two hours across a wide temperature range to help project progression
  • Can be mechanically loaded after one to four hours, minimizing disruption
  • Excellent resistance against UV aging and weathering
  • Comparable to concrete in compressive strength but greater flexibility
  • Excellent bond to many construction materials
  • More flexible than epoxy or polyester materials and more compatible with concrete
  • High impact and shock resistance
  • Resistant to most acids and alkalis up to 20% concentration
  • Impervious to water, brine, grease, oil and cleaning solutions