Plasticizer for Concrete Pipe

Product Description

QUANTEC® PL-450 admixture is specially formulated for use in the production of zero or low slump concrete pipe. QUANTEC PL-450 admixture is designed to produce a smooth texture on the web of the pipe. It may also be used in the manufacture of other low slump concrete products such as concrete block where a light swipe is desired.

Product Uses

QUANTEC PL-450 admixture may be used in all zero or low slump concrete pipe to increase workability while retaining cohesiveness and to provide for more complete hydration of the cement. QUANTEC PL-450 admixture improves the dispersion of the cement throughout the mix as well as improving the workability of the mix.

The increased workability achieved with QUANTEC PL-450 admixture allows for better compaction of the pipe with a reduction in surface cracking and improved surface quality, resulting in fewer culls. Overall quality of the pipe is improved with an enhanced surface appearance on the webbing of the pipe.

Product Advantages

  • Enhanced web appearance
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced surface cracking
  • Fewer culls
  • Cost effective
  • Improved green strengths

Application Information

Addition Rates:

QUANTEC PL-450 admixture is typically used at a rate of 2-5 fl oz/cwt (130 -325 mL/100 kg) of cementitious materials, including pozzolans. The addition rate is dependent upon the specific set of materials and the desired end properties.


QUANTEC PL-450 is available in drums and returnable totes.

Health & Safety

All precautions defined on the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for QUANTEC PL-450 admixture must be followed.


QUANTEC PL-450 admixture will begin to freeze at approximately 32°F (0°C), but will return to full strength after thawing and thorough mechanical agitation.

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