CLARENA® Concrete Admixture Technologies for Clay Mitigation

Make concrete more efficiently


CLARENA® Concrete Admixture Technologies help address rheology, flow and clay concerns due to the aggregates utilized in the concrete.

Admixtures for clay mitigation

In many regions of the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to source high-quality aggregates, leaving concrete producers with little choice but to use alternative materials such as manufactured sand or quarry dust. The presence of expansive clays, angular shapes and less-than-optimal gradations in these materials adversely affect the quality of the concrete produced. Poor workability, loss of strength and high performance variability increase operational and quality control difficulties and production costs.

That is why GCP Applied Technologies developed the CLARENA® portfolio of admixtures for clay mitigation, a series of mid- to high-range water reducers that compensate for lower quality aggregates.


Innovative CLARENA®

These innovative CLARENA® brand admixtures include:

  • CLARENA® MR Series - Mid-range water reducers for both rheology improvement and clay mitigation
  • CLARENA® MC Series - Mid-range water reducers for clay mitigation 
  • CLARENA® HR Series - High-range water reducers for both rheology improvement and clay mitigation
  • CLARENA® HC Series - High-range water reducers for clay mitigation

Using these solutions enables concrete producers to improve the efficiency of their operations. Concrete producers gain greater flexibility in the concrete components they rely on. By using CLARENA® admixtures, they have the peace of mind of creating more consistent, higher quality concrete, resulting in:

  • Predictable concrete performance
  • Increased market opportunities
  • Improved profitability