Sodium Thiocyanate Supply Update

April 1, 2021

Sodium Thiocyanate Supply Update

Sodium thiocyanate is derived from ammonium thiocyanate, and is a key raw material utilized in several GCP accelerators and mid-range water reducers. We began experiencing exceptional circumstances with sodium thiocyanate supply and cost late last year for several reasons:

  • New environmental regulations in China have reduced production of ammonium thiocyanate
  • Its use in the manufacture of COVID-19 test kits, has further tightened global supply
  • Delays at marine ports have slowed down international commerce, in effect creating a shortage of vessels and containers, leading to higher freight costs

GCP has strived to source and secure sodium thiocyanate in this evolving environment, to ensure continuity of supply for your business needs. We have held our prices constant during this period of uncertainty, but in order to continue providing the technical solutions you need, the levels of service you have come to expect, and to help offset unprecedented increases in raw material costs, we are forced to announce a price increase on certain products that contain sodium thiocyanate effective July 1st, 2021. Your local GCP representative will be contacting you to discuss the situation and explore options during these difficult times.

We deeply appreciate your business and, as always, our sales team is available to assist with any questions.


Pung Chan
Vice President and General Manager
SCC North America
Concrete Admixtures and VERIFI®