Tri-Cities Commercial Building Relies on GCP Technologies

Three Rivers Convention Center uses DRY-BLOCK® solution

Three Rivers Convention Center
Kennewick Public Facilities District Board, Kennewick, WA
ALSC Architects, Spokane, WA
Western Materials, Yakima, WA
Lydig Construction, Spokane, WA
GCP Solution
DRY-BLOCK® admixture

Project Profile

Creating an inviting meeting space

The 80,000 square foot Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick, Washington provides an impressive meeting place for the Tri-Cities area. With dramatic sweeping glass and concrete block, the commercial building offers a thoroughly modern presence along with natural colors and textures that reflect the region’s desert and rivers.

"Using good construction practices and DRY-BLOCK®, we were able to ensure color consistency between the design phase and the actual construction."

Rustin Hall, principal, 

ALSC Architects

Ensuring color consistency

According to the convention center design, the concrete block was specified in a variety of colors and textures to achieve the desired design while ensuring a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution.

“Early on, we decided to use a material that would look indigenous to the area and be easily maintained,” said Rustin Hall, principal at ALSC Architects.

The choice was masonry concrete block in three colors and a variety of textures, split face to expose the aggregate and texture, ground face to create a natural stone appearance, and smooth blocks. A critical element to the success of the project was ensuring color consistency between the convention center design phase and commercial building construction.

Preventing water intrusion

DRY-BLOCK® integral water repellant block admixture and DRY-BLOCK® mortar admixture from GCP were specified to minimize moisture intrusion. DRY-BLOCK® provides long-term water repellency, which reduces surface staining and promotes color consistency. Often during construction, interior walls are exposed to the elements, so DRY-BLOCK® was specified for the commercial building’s exterior and interior.

The convention center design also specified several areas where the concrete block finish wraps from the exterior of the building, past a wall of glass. “In places where we were concerned about a color shift from an exterior sealer that could change the appearance of the block, using DRY-BLOCK® enabled us to ensure consistent color and it worked beautifully,” noted Hall.

“Once block gets wet from exposure to the elements, it can be a real problem to dry and the efflorescence is hard to eliminate,” said Hall. “We used good construction practices to keep moisture out of the interior masonry during construction. DRY-BLOCK® is incorporated throughout the entire block, so water doesn’t penetrate if the block does get wet from the elements.”

The end result is a grand meeting space with a protective exterior finish that will provide low-maintenance over the life of the commercial building. “We’ve had very good success with DRY-BLOCK®,” said the concrete producer on the project, Don Grubenhoff of Western Materials. “It’s not just water-repellent, but the buildings stay cleaner and brighter, too.”

With a glistening new convention center design drawing businesses from throughout the region, that’s undoubtedly just what Kennewick officials had in mind.

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