Webinar - Concrete Moisture Testing – Moisture Mitigation Solutions

One hour – two premiere solutions. 

Don’t miss Jason Spangler from Wagner Meters along with Carlo Martino and Michaela Clovis of GCP Applied Technologies covering the latest in moisture measurement and moisture mitigation.

This free training is designed to help professionals like you take advantage of the latest technologies so you can avoid a flooring disaster, due to excess moisture in concrete. If you are a flooring professional installing wood, LVT, terrazzo, or any other covering over concrete, this webinar may help you save your floor. Webinar will cover: 

  • What influences the rate at which concrete dries?
  • Today’s best options for concrete moisture testing
  • How to comply with ASTM guidelines
  • The advantages of using the Wagner Rapid RH® L6 test system

Discovered high moisture? Carlo Martino and Michaela Clovis will show you how, even with excess moisture, you can still Install Today and have your customers In Business Tomorrow! This portion of the presentation will cover:

  • The impact of moisture on floors – cost, time, disruption
  • High moisture – what are my options?
  • How to quickly address moisture issues so you can get off the job quickly

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