Standing on Solid Flooring Solutions

From durable moisture barriers to professional flooring tools and even concrete floor admixtures, our flooring products create and sustain longevity for a variety of floor types.

Flooring That Lasts for Generations

By offering an array of flooring solutions, we’re able to meet any need for any given application by providing value and enhancing quality of flooring.

Flooring Products

A Moisture Barrier Like No Other

Every year, moisture causes over $1 billion in floor damage. KOVARA® moisture barriers are the industry's leading underlayment solution for protecting concrete floors from moisture. We've engineered our products to perform where relative humidity (RH) is highest. KOVARA® MBX protects against moisture in concrete slabs up to 99.5% RH and KOVARA® 95 protects up to 94.9% RH.

KOVARA® products also protect floors from alkalinity given off by concrete slabs. The result is performance that provides a dramatic reduction in bumps and faults in tile and other finishes for a smooth, safe and appealing surface. Their triple-layer construction enables the easy installation of all varieties of surfaces, including:

  • Carpet, Vinyl & Ceramic Tiles
  • Porcelain
  • Natural Stone
  • Carpeting
  • Engineered Wood, Bamboo & Laminate

Seamless from Start to Finish

For top quality and performance, ORCON® seam tapes are flooring pros' choice for commercial and institutional buildings and residential homes. ORCON® seam tapes cover light-, medium- and heavy-traffic environments and almost every carpet backing imaginable. To make installation quick and easy, we make a full range of ORCON® tools and products, including:

  • Sealers
  • Cutters and Wall Trimmers
  • Carpet Pullers
  • Caulk Guns

If assistance is needed, our technical services team is ready and waiting to help with training, specifications and warranties as well as installation support.

Concrete Slabs Engineered for Greater Load

Our patented DUCTILCRETE® dual-layer engineered system is perfect for high-performance concrete floors with a greater load capacity. The DUCTILCRETE® engineered system is a combination of slab design, admixtures, fibers and method of placing the concrete floors. We provide engineered, stamped slab designs for your project while qualified and trained licensees install and finish the concrete with our proprietary admixtures and fibers to produce extraordinary, extended-joint slabs. In addition, the entire project is supported by the global experts in concrete construction.