Grace Select™ Roofing Underlayment
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Grace Select™ Roofing Underlayment

Grace Select™ Installation Roofing Underlayments

Grace Select™ Roofing Underlayment , from the makers of Grace Ice & Water Shield, offers superior performance and is a better alternative to competitive granular surfaced underlayments. It has features that granular products simply cannot provide.

Compared to granular surfaced products, Grace Select™ roofing underlayment offers superior lap adhesion, ensuring excellent leak protection even in demanding weather conditions. Unlike many granular surfaced products, the adhesive in Grace Select™ Roofing Underlayment contains no inert filler materials that could compromise adhesion to the roof deck and its protection against wind-driven rains and ice dams. Additionally, Grace Select™ Roofing Underlayment is much lighter than competitive granular products, making it much easier to handle and apply.

Grace Select™ Product Photo Roofing UnderlaymentsRe-roofing jobs are also done faster with Grace Select™ Roofing Underlayment, because shingles can quickly be removed from its surface during retrofit applications. Finally, a proprietary film ensures that roofers maintain superior foot traction while installing the underlayment or roofing shingles. For your next roofing project protect your client’s roof with Grace Select™ Roofing Underlayment to ensure the home stays dry and safe.

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Roofing Underlayment Selector Guide
Roofing Underlayments Project List
Sell Sheet - Grace Select
Data Sheet - Grace Select
Data Sheet
Grace® Select™ Guide Specification
Guide Specifications
  • Easy to handle and apply
  • Grace Ripcord®
  • Self sealing
  • Lightweight
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Reroofable
  • Grace expertise