We are pleased to add the Stirling Lloyd product portfolio to our waterproofing solutions.

  Above-grade applications Below-grade applications Bridge Deck Waterproofing
Pre-applied sheet membranes   PREPRUFE®  
Post-applied sheet membranes BITUTHENE® BITUTHENE®  
Liquid applied membranes SILCOR® PROCOR® ELIMINATOR®
BITUTHENE® deck prep    

Our below-grade waterproofing solutions protect commercial buildings and infrastructure projects in the world's harshest climates.

Leading the way since 1990 are the highly reliable PREPRUFE® waterproofing products. PREPRUFE® waterproofing membranes create seals that prevent water migration between the membrane and the structure in every direction. They were the industry's first pre-applied membranes to adhesively bond to the foundation and shield buildings from water and damaging gas, vapor and moisture.

PREPRUFE® membranes are easy to install, helping your project stay right on track. Position the roll. Kick it out. Secure the overlaps with PREPRUFE® ZipLap™ quick-sealing adhesive. That's it — you're done. And when it comes to complete building envelope protection, PREPRUFE® membranes are in perfect company. Compatible PREPRUFE® products cover every vulnerability, joint and detail.

They include:

  • Detail tape

  • Cementious and epoxy grouts

  • Hydrophilic sealants

  • Tieback covers

Our above-ground and below-ground waterproofing products form complete building envelope systems.

Engineers and architects have also trusted our industry-leading portfolio of waterproofing brands for more than 50 years. These solutions cover a range of below- and above-ground applications, including: