SILCOR® 900 Series Liquid Waterproofing

Durable, fast-curing, low-odor waterproofing.

Save time, money, and effort with high performance liquid waterproofing. Our liquid waterproofing solutions are cold-applied, have a low odor and form a fully bonded membrane resisting lateral water migration.

Any building that doesn't keep out water won't be habitable for long. With cumbersome application techniques, waterproofing can bring an entire job site to a halt. SILCOR® liquid waterproofing provides a solution that's extremely durable without any of the hassle.

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2 min - 2 hours
2-30 minutes
until rain-resistant
80 mils
per coat

What is SILCOR® liquid waterproofing?

SILCOR® is a high performing cold-applied and seamless, liquid waterproofing system for podium decks, green roofs and terraces. It offers flexibility through spray as well as squeegee application and is foot-trafficable in two hours or less, depending on the product selected.

Design without leak concerns

For architects, the SILCOR® 900 Series of liquid waterproofing removes several constraints. The material is a polymeric chemically cross-linked monolithic elastomer, and does not require fleece reinforcement. It's truly seamless and will conform to nearly any surface. As such, SILCOR® will accommodate almost any design while being fully compatible with GCP's other waterproofing and air barrier solutions. 

Build faster without sacrificing water protection

The SILCOR® 900 Series of waterproofing also proves its usefulness on the job site. There's no longer any need to halt construction due to strong odors or an obstructed surface. Workers can start walking on SILCOR® in two hours or less, and can enjoy working in a nearly odor-free environment. Lastly, since SILCOR® is applied as a cold liquid, there's no need for kettles, melters, propane, or open flames. SILCOR® liquid waterproofing lets builders install waterproofing without calling a halt to other construction.

Backed by a world-class reputation

When it's time to invest in waterproofing, invest in a proven technology that comes from one of the world's most trusted manufacturers. SILCOR® liquid waterproofing has been used in projects ranging from Pruva 34 in Istanbul to Lillie Square in London and across Asia.

Finally, GCP offers technical services and a consultation platform that's second to none. Contact GCP for information on the specific products within the SILCOR® portfolio that are best for your building or project.

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Product Listing
  • Product
  • Description
  • Key Benefits
  • Applications Type

SILCOR® 900MP is a premium performance two-component spray-applied seamless waterproofing membrane that cures within 2 minutes to form a high-strength, elastomeric, and fully-bonded waterproof membrane. SILCOR® 900MP is extremely durable with excellent wear and chemical resistance and does not normally require additional protection against mechanical damage.

Key Benefits
  • Fast cure
  • Seamless 
  • Productivity 
  • Fully bonded 
Application Type
  • Podium decks
  • Terraces
  • Walkways and foot bridges
  • Balconies

SILCOR® Primer EPF is a two-component fast curing, short recoat time epoxy primer for concrete substrates specifically designed for SILCOR® liquid waterproofing membranes.

Key Benefits
  • Fast curing with short recoat time
  • Excellent adhesion exceeds concrete cohesive strength
  • Easy to apply by roller or brush
  • Easy to use multi-purpose primer
Application Type
  • Fast curing primer for new and existing concrete substrates prior to the application of SILCOR® elastomeric waterproofing membranes.

SILCOR® Primer EPS is a two-component epoxy primer specifically formulated for application in hot weather conditions.

Key Benefits
  • Adjusted pot life and curing for hot weather applications
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Easy to use multi-purpose primer
  • Easy to apply by roller or brush
Application Type
  • Epoxy primer for hot weather applications prior to the application of SILCOR® liquid waterproofing membranes.
SILCOR® Top Coat 70

SILCOR® Top Coat 70 is a two-component UV protective coating, formulated specifically to enhance the appearance of SILCOR® elastomeric liquid waterproof membranes.

Key Benefits
  • Prevents discoloration of Silcor® membranes
  • Color stable and UV resistant.
  • Traction enhancement for pedestrian traffic
  • Frost and weather resistant.
Application Type
  • Balconies
  • Plaza decks
  • Terraces


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