SILCOR® Primer EPF Data Sheet

Two component, fast curing epoxy resin primer for use with SILCOR® liquid waterproofing membranes

Product Description

SILCOR® Primer EPF is a two-component fast curing, short recoat time epoxy primer for concrete substrates specifically designed for SILCOR® liquid waterproofing membranes.

Product Advantages

  • Can be placed over green concrete or 7 days cure concrete, when it is used with SILCOR® 900MP
  • Fast curing with short recoat time
  • Excellent adhesion exceeds concrete cohesive strength
  • Easy to apply by roller or brush
  • Easy to use multi-purpose primer


1. Surface Preparation

  • Minimum pull-off adhesion strength of the concrete substrate as determined by ASTM D4541 or ASTM D7234 shall be115 psi for limited access roofs and 215 psi for vehicular trafficked decks. Where these values are not achieved by pull-off adhesion testing, remove all laitance by shot blasting.
  • Surfaces must be clean, sound, free of dust, laitance, sealers, grease or any other contaminants that might reduce adhesion.
  • If power washing the substrate, allow sufficient time for the residual humidity to dissipate. The substrate moisture content before application of the primer must be less than 5%. The primer surface before application of SILCOR® liquid membrane must be clean and dry.
  • For further details concerning surface preparation guidelines and primer choice, refer to the SILCOR® Application Manual.

2. Mixing

  • Store SILCOR® Primer EPF in a dry and cool place out of direct sunlight.
  • Add the complete quantity of the B-component to the A-component to assure correct mixing ratio.
  • Mix with a slow turning mixer (less than 300 rpm) for 3 minutes in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

3. Application

  • The application temperature range is 40°F to 80°F. Higher temperatures reduce the pot-life considerably. . Can be installed down to 20°F. Please contact GCP’s Technical Service when installation below 40°F is anticipated.
  • Apply SILCOR® Primer EPF to the surface by brush or roller immediately after mixing ensuring coverage of the entire surface.
  • Pour the primer onto the surface in a zigzag pattern.
  • After pouring onto the surface, distribute the primer evenly with foam rubber squeegees and roll using Perlon rollers.
  • The primer should be evenly distributed at 10 mils thickness with complete coverage of the surface.
  • If the surface is very porous and absorbs primer to the extent that open surface remains additional primer must be added in this area within the pot life or recoat time of the primer.
  • When excessive vapor drive is observed, resulting in pin holes in the primer, re-apply a new layer of SILCOR® Primer EPF.

4. Curing

  • The SILCOR® membrane should be applied within 24 hours after primer application. This window is influenced by ambient temperature and humidity.
  • SILCOR® Primer EPF can be filled with dry, washed quartz silica sand (20/40 mesh) to make a scratch coat for repairing and leveling small surface defects before the application of the membrane.

5. Cleaning

  • Mixing and application equipment should be cleaned immediately with mineral spirits. Remove hardened material mechanically. All solvents should be used only in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Do not use solvents to clean hands or skin.


SILCOR® Primer EPF Part A 0.7 gal
SILCOR® Primer EPF Part B 0.5 gal

Liquid Properties

Adhesion to concrete concrete cohesive strength
Density 9.1 lbs/gal
Viscosity (mixed A+B) 68°F 600 centipoise
Pot Life 68°F 20 min
Touch dry 68°F 2 hours
Full cure 7 days
Recoat window 68°F 2-24 hours
Min. substrate application temperature 40°F


Approximately 125 ft2/gal (150 sqf/kit), actual will vary depending on the absorption and profile of the surface.


SILCOR® Primer EPF should be stored under cover, protected from moisture in original sealed containers above 40°F (5°C) and below 80°F (25°C) or crystallization may occur. Shelf life is 2 years in unopened containers stored under the conditions described above.

Health and Safety

Read the product label and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) (SDS A) (SDS B) before use. SDSs can be obtained from GCP Applied Technologies. | North America Customer Service: +1 (877) 423 6491

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