Weather barrier

house wrap / weather barrier

Fully-adhered weather barrierVYCOR® enV-S™ membrane does not require mechanical fasteners to install, requires no laborious taping of seams, and can be installed on most wood substrates without aid of any special primer materials. VYCOR® enV-S™ resists damage due to jobsite conditions and wind, resulting in a professional and high-quality job-site appearance to clients and passers-by. With VYCOR® enV-S™, builders can minimize the need for costly rework, and reputation damaging call-backs for leaks. This material simplifies construction while helping to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Detail drawings – This section lists nearly 50 detailed drawings illustrating proper installation of the VYCOR® house wrap system on virtually every conceivable application.

Technical bulletins – Technical house wrap topics include chemical compatibility, shelf life, surface preparation, and cold-temperature application best practices.