Window flashing tape

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Below, find detail drawings for securing the house wrap system around window fixtures.




Flanged window flashing installation instructions (after installing a self-adhered weather barrier to outer wall)

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Learn how to tie in the window flashing at window sill, when installing vinyl siding to the house.

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[VIDEO] VYCOR® Plus self-adhered flashing: Benefits & Installation

VYCOR® Plus window flashing tape provides superior protection against water, air and moisture infiltration in window and door openings, corner boards, under stucco finishes, masonry walls and other flashing areas. VYCOR® Plus is a self-adhered flashing ideal for sealing joints, seams, holes, and other unwanted openings in wall sheathing systems.

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All window details

Browse through more than 20 details drawings for proper installation of self-adhered window flashing tape on the most common applications.

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