Environmental Product Declarations for Concrete Mix Designs

Athena as our technical partner

A growing number of building owners, municipalities, engineers, general contractors, and architects want to understand the environmental impact of the products they choose for their building projects.

To help address those needs, we have teamed up with the nonprofit research collaborative Athena Sustainable Materials Institute.

With Athena as our technical partner, we have created an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) program that leverages our product-specific admixture data to develop EPDs for your concrete mix design.

Sample EPD report

Product environmental impact

EPDs are independently verified, internationally recognized disclosures of a product’s environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.

This knowledge can help with selecting and designing the right concrete mix for each project. Designers are also utilizing EPDs to set embodied carbon benchmarks for their projects. In addition, this data helps support LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and other green building certifications, Buy Clean programs that are beginning to require EPDs, as well as a number of municipalities and individual owner groups that are striving to achieve carbon reduction targets.