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Liquid waterproofing membrane construction docs


Our LIQUID waterproofing membrane series features SILCOR® liquid-applied waterproofing for plaza decks, green roofs, mechanical rooms and other above-grade waterproofing applications; ELIMINATOR® bridge and railway waterproofing and the SAFETRACK™ series of road protection and car park waterproofing systems.


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Liquid waterproofing membranes for infrastructure



Liquid waterproofing membranes for buildings



General assembly details

SIL-001 General Assembly Detailed Drawing

Drain details

SIL-002 Drain Detailed Drawing

Penetration detail

SIL-004 Penetration Detailed Drawing

Deck-to-wall tie-in

SIL-005 Deck to Wall Tie-in Detailed Drawing

PREPRUFE® system — tie-in

SIL-05042017-1 PREPRUFE® Tie-in to SILCOR® Detailed Drawing