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Working with Customers to Improve Products and Processes


GCP Applied Technologies is a company dedicated to our customers. We have been a long-term, key strategic supplier to many leading companies in providing Specialty Construction Chemicals, Specialty Building Products, and Darex Packaging Technologies. They trust us to provide the products, knowledge, technologies, services and people needed to make their products work better and help them succeed. We fully understand and appreciate the fact that our products are critical to their success.

Aiding trouble-free operations, and capturing opportunities

As our products are highly integrated into our customers' manufacturing processes and formulation, effective collaboration with customers—from R&D to Technical Service and Support—is dedicated to helping customers enjoy trouble-free operation, reduce costs, and minimize risk.  Across many of our products, our research and technical teams tailor service and product development activities that improve customer output, product quality and differentiation, and operations.  As our customers are challenged to innovate and remain nimble, GCP's full support is a proven, reliable, often indispensable resource. Our multi-tiered technical service support is built on local and regional analytical services and backed by central research and development centers.

Our customers have come to rely on us for superior ongoing technical service and support. GCP professionals have a deep understanding of their customers' businesses, fundamental operational issues and the unique challenges their customers face in their local regions. We collaborate in a variety of ways, from training at GCP laboratories or on-site, to sharing data and analysis through technical consultations and trouble shooting.  As our partnership strengthens, we are better able to identify additional new product applications to meet customer objectives and constraints.

A Long History of Partnerships 

Over many decades, GCP has enjoyed partnership relationships with a broad range of companies, governments, and trade groups around the world.  The spectrum of business and legal arrangements is broad, spanning a variety of Joint Development Partnerships and Joint Ventures built on trust.  Many have endured for years.  Others are more opportunistic.  Yet across all, we have built a strong record of setting forth complimentary roles, meeting commitments, respecting Intellectual Property rights, and communicating actively.