Sustainability in Construction

GCP is inspired to influence how the world is built. The most positive impact we have on the environment is by developing products that make construction - and the manufacture of construction materials such as concrete - more energy efficient and less wasteful.

When we deliver products that help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and extend the life of their projects, we can make an exponential difference around the world.  

GCP’s Vision for a Sustainable Future 


Our Products 

We combine technology and chemistry expertise to develop products that enable our customers to achieve their environmental goals. GCP is driving sustainability in two key construction segments: 

Specialty Construction Chemicals solutions that: 

  • Lower energy consumption in cement production 
  • Reduce the amount of cement needed in concrete to lower CO2 emissions 
  • Use big data to deliver more sustainable concrete 
  • Keep returned concrete out of landfills 

Learn more about our latest sustainability advances with CO2ST® Reducers.

Specialty Building Materials that: 

  • Increase energy efficiency by controlling air flow in and out of structures 
  • Improve the longevity and durability of structures, thus reducing waste 
  • Support LEED building certification 

Request LEED information on GCP products. 

Professional Guidance for Greater Sustainability 

Our Technical Services team advises builders on specifying and installing products that maximize energy savings and lower heating and cooling costs. Our team also works closely with cement and concrete producers, providing advice on optimizing the use and reuse of materials and selecting admixtures that improve both sustainability and durability. 

We are tackling environmental challenges by investing in:

  • Products that reduce the environmental impact of construction 
  • People who believe in protecting our air, water, and earth  
  • Processes that reduce our manufacturing footprint 


VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system

Our VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system is the first-ever technology to address inefficiencies in the concrete delivery process by actively managing concrete from batch plant to job site. 

Using real-time batch data, the VERIFI® system cuts down on the number of rejected concrete batches and optimizes the use of cement and water to help achieve sustainability goals. The system encompasses in-truck sensors, automated injection hoses, and data intelligence. It collects real-time data about the concrete properties as the concrete batch travels to the job site, and automatically adds exactly the right amount of water and admixture, as needed and if necessary, to keep and deliver the concrete as it was specified. 

This results in higher quality concrete being delivered to the job site, with far fewer rejected concrete loads, less water and admixtures consumed, and less fuel and time wasted driving back and forth with replacement batches of concrete. 

Water Reducers

GCP produces water reducers, including our ADVA®, CONCERA®, MIRA®, and ZYLA® products. These admixtures disperse cement particles evenly in a concrete mixture, leading to more efficient use of cement, and improvement in workability during placement. With these dispersive properties, less water and cement are needed in concrete mixes, while still achieving the required compressive and flexural strengths for the project.

TAVERO® grinding aids & OPTEVA® quality improvers

Our TAVERO® grinding aids and OPTEVA® quality improvers lower the amount of energy needed to produce cement. Quality improvers can reduce carbon emissions by reducing the amount of clinker in the concrete mix, while grinding aids increase mill output while saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.  

CLARENA® RC40 admixture

Our CLARENA® RC40 admixture makes it easy to convert returned concrete into recycled aggregate. When a truck returns to the production site with returned concrete, the driver simply adds CLARENA® RC40 into the truck drum to produce recycled aggregate. This recycled material can then be sold as high quality, compacted base, or used as a partial replacement for aggregate in fresh concrete. 

This innovative solution keeps returned concrete out of landfills, reduces labor costs, lengthens the life of quarries, and provides concrete producers with an additional source of revenue. 

Specialty Building Material

Many of our flagship Specialty Building Material brands, including a wide selection of MONOKOTE® fireproofing, PREPRUFE® waterproofing, PERM-A-BARRIER® membranes, and ICE & WATER SHIELD® roofing underlayments have Declare labels and/or are Red List Free. In addition, using GCP products with Environmental Product Declarations enables builders to gain one LEED point. Choosing MONOKOTE® fireproofing products, for example, can potentially help projects achieve LEED 2009 and V4 credits under the Building Design, Construction, and Interior Design and Construction rating systems. 

Water and Air Resistive Barriers

Our VYCOR® enV-S™ water and air resistive barriers improve home energy performance. By protecting against air leakage as well as wind-driven rain, while allowing the wall system of the house to “breathe,” VYCOR® enV-S™ weather barriers reduce heating and cooling costs, prevent mold, and protect a home’s structural integrity. As noted by the award-winning home builders Sweenor Builders, frequent collaborators on PBS’s This Old House, “these building envelope products, combined with our building methodologies, are contributing factors to getting an airtight seal. That will cut the costs to heat and cool the home considerably.”