Grace Capabilities and Core Compentencies
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Knowledge Applied


Applied Knowledge

competency and focus on know-how that delivers results

GCP Applied Technologies is a Research and Development company as well as a manufacaturing and technical services company.  For nearly a century, we have been advancing the applied science of materials to address the ever-changing needs of the construction industry as well as the consumer and commercial packaging industries.

Our global R&D and technical service organizations deliver innovative products and technology solutions, remaining focused on product and formulation development, application expertise, and deep industry knowledge. Our intellectual property portfolio consist of trade secrets, know-how, and patents, with over 800 active patents and patent applications in countries around the world.

We operate manufacturing, R&D, and technical service sites in over 40 countries, with approximately 65 manufacturing and technical sites strategically located near our customers.  Our operating segments share common processes, manufacting sites, and technical service processes. Our global manufacturing capability is closely integrated, giving us flexibility and capacity to meet dynamic customer needs. 

By staying close to our customers around the world, by remaining attuned to developments in product safety regulations and building codes, and sustaining our commitment to world-class Research & Develoment, we put our knowledge to work for some of the world's best customers.