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June 13
Ohio Architect's Home: How to select the right products
Architect Dan Meehan, Lake Erie as his backdrop


​Selecting the right products when designing a home

Dan Meehan walks us through his thought process selecting the right products for his dream retirement home on Lake Erie.

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June 01
GCP R&D delves into rheology control for shotcrete

GCP Applied Technologies' advanced TYTRO® Shotcrete System is specially formulated to meet job requirements in underground tunnel construction, among other demanding shotcrete spray applications. GCP's Research & Development team won an award from the American Shot​crete Association (ASA) at the World of Concrete 2016 for their revolutionary research into rheology control, as a replacement for silica fume.

For more background on this research into cutting-edge shotcrete admixtures, read GCP's R&D studies below…​​​

GCP's award-winning research into rheology control for shotcrete


The objective of this project was to evaluate the suitability of colloidal silica as a replacement for silica fume in wet-mix shotcrete.

Goin’ Underground: Enhancement of Shotcrete Performance with a Pozzolanic-Based Rheology Control Agent

In underground applications such as mining and tunneling, shotcrete is widely used for structural support of permanent openings, linings, and rock stabilization.

Effect of Pozzolanic-Based Rheology Control Agent on Wet-Mix Shotcrete Performance

The purpose of this article is to present the performance evaluation of wet-mix shotcrete containing a pozzolanic-based rheology control (RC) agent as a replacement for silica fume (SF).

A Case Study on the Impact of Pozzolanic-Based Rheology Control Agent on Wet-Mix Shotcrete Performance in Underground Applications

This paper presents the results of a case study conducted with a major mining operation to assess the impact of pozzolanic-based rheology control agent on the performance of a wet-mix having a specified mix design.


The objective of this paper is to present the performance evaluation of wet-mix shotcrete incorporating a pozzolanic-based rheology control agent which is a liquid-based product that contains nano-scaled colloidal silica particles with high pozzolanic reactivity.

May 30
Prep your home for Hurricane Season


The Atlantic hurricane season occurs each year, from June 1 to November 30. If you haven't prepped your home by early September, sometimes it can be too late. Hurricane hazards come in many forms, including storm surges, high winds, tornadoes and flooding. It is imperative for families, businesses and communities alike to institute a plan addressing all of these hazards.

Take action before, not after

Understand your roof and its warranty

Read your roof’s construction and warranty paperwork. Understanding how your roof has been constructed is the first step to evaluate its current condition and determine if repairs or upgrades are required. Understanding the terms and conditions of your warranties may prevent you from making changes that will void the warranty.

Look for problem areas on your roof

Loose or curled shingles, broken or missing tiles all warrant repair. Also inspect the flashing, drainage system, and accessories such as vents and skylights Ask a trained roofing professional if additional reinforcements to the roof structure such as additional fasteners or hurricane clips, are required.

Beyond the roof, a home’s doors and windows can also become major leak zones. Most commonly this is due to breakage of windows due to flying debris. However, even if the windows and doors are well shuttered, wind-driven rain can be blown into the house at these points, especially if they have not been properly flashed and weatherproofed. The following are some signs of water damage:

  • Leaks or breaks in seams around window trim and sills
  • Uneven doorframes
  • Discolored plasterboard
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Chipped or cracked stucco finishes
  • Mold, mildew, or rot in the walls, insulation, and electrical systems
  • Missing, cracked, or blistered paint inside the home


Use the right products

If repairs are needed, don’t skimp on quality to save a few cents. Much of the damage associated with hurricanes and other serious storms results from water entering the home when roof coverings or siding is blown off. This is why it is imperative that you have a secondary layer of waterproofing protection underneath the shingles and siding. If proper protection measures are not taken, the resulting leaks are the main cause of interior damage, as well as potential causes of rot and mold. Rot and mold can lead to major structural damage and even potential health problems for homeowners.

ROOF: FEMA has published recommendations for the use of fully-adhered roofing underlayments, such as Grace Ice & Water Shield®, as an enhanced secondary water barrier for homes in both coastal and inland hurricane-prone areas. In the event roof coverings are blown off or water manages to get underneath your shingles, these underlayments are the key to preventing water infiltration.

WINDOWS, DOORS & MORE: Flexible flashings such as Vycor® line of flashings, can be used to seal the most vulnerable spots, including windows, doors, corner boards, and other non-roof detail areas. Highly conformable, self-adhering waterproofing membranes form a weather-tight barrier around unwanted openings in the wall sheathing system. GCP's website offers a home waterproofing interactive guide for more guidance.

Find a pro

Identify reliable, knowledgeable professionals that can perform work safely. It’s usually best that all inspections, maintenance and repairs are completed by trained and experienced people. You should demand that they use high quality materials. The amount of money you can save by selecting less expensive lower quality products is insignificant compared to the damage caused by water infiltration. Check this infographic for more information on selecting the best roofing underlayment for your home.

You should find a trusted building professional to repair your storm damage so that you have a strong roof over your head, protecting your wallet and home from future storm damage.

May 25
Ohio Architect's Home: From the roof to the windows
Drone footage of Dan Meehan's retirement home in progress and beautiful Lake Erie. Video courtesy of Jonathan Fields.


​Turning environmental challenges into design wins for a truly interesting lakeside home

"That was part of the fun—working through priorities and challenges and turning them into solutions that are exciting and add a lot to the quality of the architecture and the space," said Dan Meehan, an Ohio Architect who's designing and building his dream retirement home on Lake Erie.

Living on a Great Lake like Erie means living with extremes. Extreme beauty. Extremely captivating views of nature and the Cleveland skyline across the water. Also, extreme weather.

Architect Dan Meehan had to pull out all of the stops so that his dream retirement home would maximize these wonderful Lake Erie views, while soundly withstanding Lake Erie gusts and horizontal blowing rain.

Vycor® enV-S™ self-adhered weather resistive barrier completely wraps and seals under all of the siding of his house. Ice & Water Shield® protects the whole roof.

"The roofers didn't cut super long strips (of Ice & Water Shield®)," Dan said. "They cut strips they could manage between three guys and still got the whole roof covered inside of two days."

Dan bridged between the Ice & Water Shield® and the custom Boral eve molding with a metal drip edge. That was a design decision, he said, for a more interesting roof detail than gutters.

"Once the roof is on, I'm going to have the carpenters start installing the windows," he said. "It's good that the roof will be completely on so that there's nothing that could blow off and break a window."

The wind would have to blow off a pretty big roof piece, however. Dan's installing heavier-gauge extruded aluminum exterior windows, which have a "really high" wind rating, he said. Throughout the whole house, he's installing both double-hung and casement windows.

The double-hungs are really the stars of Dan's window show. They have a thick cross section and are huge—4-foot-4 wide by nine feet tall outlets to the wonderful world of Lake Erie.

"In areas where we're going to sit inside a lot, and look out, I didn't want to have screens on the inside," Dan said. "It doesn't look as nice, better to see the wood molding. I wanted to use double-hung windows, instead of casements, where we'd be enjoying the views, since we could put screens on the outside."

Dan also skewed the lake side of the house by 10 degrees. As he, his wife and guests gaze out through those cathedral sized double-hungs, some windows will feature the private park and lake, others will showcase the Cleveland skyline.

"It's a design trick that I made up or this house."

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May 25
Ice & Water Shield®: Peace of mind


Grace Ice & Water Shield® utilizes the Three Crown Jewels of Roofing to produce a watertight seal on rooftops.

  1. It seals to the deck
  2. It seals to itself for watertight laps
  3. It seals around roofing fasteners

Visit gcpat.com/roofing to protect the roof from damage.

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May 23
TYTRO® shotcrete system includes reliable technical support


GCP Applied Technologies' technical specialists combine the comprehensive concrete technology understanding with strong technical application expertise in the mining and infrastructure tunneling industries worldwide.

GCP's field teams serve hundreds of underground construction customers from leading mining companies to top tunneling contractors and have deepened GCP's expertise in solving customers’ toughest ground control challenges from diagnosis to implementation.

Training and Education

GCP offers a variety of approaches to learning, from tailored, on-site product training to online webinars. GCP's team integrates insights from years of experience and knowledge into GCP's curricula, and helps GCP's customers translate their learning into their daily operations for lasting shotcrete performance improvement.

Site Support

GCP's field teams work on-site with customers to help them move beyond mix recommendations and trials—to achieve performance improvement and measurable productivity results. They work side-by-side with GCP's global industry and technology experts, and partner closely with GCP's customers to help them produce results–rapid, significant, measurable improvements in productivity, cost, quality, and safety. GCP's support offering is flexible and designed to meet specific customer needs.

Quality Control

GCP's field technical specialists work intensively with customers to obtain lasting and substantial performance improvement through the implementation and monitoring of comprehensive quality control programs. They offer a suite of advanced tools ranging from rapid early strength diagnostic tools to on-site calorimetric systems for optimal hydration control.

May 11
Updated exposure guide for roofing underlayments


In an effort to continuously improve our products, we've extended exposure limits on three of our top-selling roofing underlayments…

New Guidelines:

May 09
Grace Ice & Water Shield®, Grace Ultra™ extend exposure times


The original, fully-adhered roofing underlayment, Grace Ice & Water Shield®, now has an extended exposure limit of 90 days.

For more than 35 years, Grace Ice & Water Shield® has been the brand that roofing contractors and architects trust most to specify and install on marquee projects around the world.

Now with an extended exposure time of 120 days, Grace Ultra™'s unique butyl adhesive formulation offers premium adhesion to the roof deck, high quality laps, superior seal around roofing fasteners, and outstanding high temperature stability.​

May 04
Ohio Architect's Home: "All-in" on Ice & Water Shield®
From left: Dan Meehan, retired Ohio architect, and Brandon Wulf, GCP residential product expert. Video courtesy of Dan Meehan.


Ice & Water Shield® over the whole roof

In the beginning of Dan Meehan's architectural career, he used Ice & Water Shield® on every residential project—two courses around the eves and a course up every valley and hip. Those houses are still around 40 years later and doing great, Dan said.

It wasn't surprising, then that he was "all in with Grace Ice & Water Shield® for (his own home's) project."

With the concern of severely blowing winds and horizontal rain, Dan will wrap the whole roof in Ice & Water Shield®.

Now Dan and his wife will be able to enjoy the breathtaking lake view without worrying about weather damage.


Exclusive views of Lake Erie

Dan turned a challenging lot layout (only 45 feet wide) into an opportunity to build a unique design that capitalizes on unbeatable views of Lake Erie.

"The joy of designing your own house as an architect is looking at the site and combining that with how you live and your lifestyle," he said.

This is the second home Dan has designed for himself. Two decades ago, he designed a home in which his family grew up. Now, he's designing a retirement home for him and his wife.

"Our lifestyles changed. We're downsizing. And we want to spend a lot of time enjoying the views."

​ ​
May 04
The next generation of Tri-Flex roofing underlayments


Tri-Flex® XT: Premium performance in synthetic roofing underlayments

Tri-Flex® XT is a mechanically–attached synthetic roofing underlayment designed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional roofing felt, and features an improved slip resistance coating on the membrane, providing superior foot traction and a safer surface to walk on.

Tri-Flex® 15 extends exposure up to 60 days

Tri-Flex® 15 is designed to provide a cost competitive alternative to #15 felt, while providing the cutting-edge features of a synthetic underlayment that reduce time and labor. The extended exposure limit provides contractors with added flexibility to accommodate the unpredictable construction schedules without compromising performance.

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