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Grace Ultra™

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Grace Ultra™ roofing underlayment is designed to protect sloped roofs from the effects of wind-driven rain and ice dams in applications, where the membrane must withstand high in-service temperatures for extended periods of time. It is composed of two waterproofing materials – an aggressive butyl rubber-based adhesive, backed by a layer of high density cross-laminated polyethylene.

Grace Ultra™ underlayment is 30 mils thick, making it easy to handle and apply. The unique adhesive formulation offers premium adhesion to the roof deck, high quality laps, superior seal around roofing fasteners, and outstanding high temperature stability.

Grace Ultra Roofing Underlayment Membrane Product PhotoGrace Ultra™ roofing membrane is specially formulated to resist temperatures up to 300°F without degradation of the butyl adhesive. It also has a slip-resistant surface that maximizes traction for safety without compromising the integrity of the laps.

Grace Ultra™ underlayment is the perfect product for use under certain metal roofs, including those using copper, zinc, or Cor-Ten® panels.

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