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GCP acquired Stirling Lloyd in May 2017.

GCP acquired Stirling Lloyd in May 2017. Together, we have a new and powerful combination of expertise, product innovation and global technical support.

Stirling Lloyd brings an impressive 40-year history of expertise and innovation in product development to protect and extend the life of important buildings and vital infrastructure. With product ranges covering a broad range of sectors, including transportation, civil, building and construction, Stirling Lloyd provides end-to-end solutions that incorporate design, specification and manufacture through to application and beyond.

Stirling Lloyd pioneered the use of cold spray applied liquid waterproofing, changing industry expectations of waterproofing application and performance. Since then, Stirling Lloyd products have played a pivotal role in the construction of new and the repair of existing structures by providing lasting protection.

These solutions have been developed to:

  • Extend service life of your structure while reducing maintenance needs
  • Provide you with the best whole lifecycle cost
  • Maintain structural integrity

With the ever-increasing demand for long-term structural integrity with fast return to service, as well as limiting disruption and environmental impact, product innovation is crucial.

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Products & Solutions

Stirling Lloyd products have a long history of success, approved and used by architects, engineers and contractors on major projects all over the world.

Containing unique ESSELAC® proprietary polymer technology, the range of waterproofing, protection and surfacing products are designed to provide fast, safe and effective application and best-in-class performance.

  • The ELIMINATOR® system: Waterproofing bridge decks since 1974, this cold, spray applied bridge deck waterproofing solution has an unparalleled track record of success, from protecting the world’s most iconic new bridges to time-essential refurbishment projects.
  • The BRIDGEMASTER® system: This combined waterproofing, wearing and skid-resistant surface for bridge decks and other trafficked areas is approximately 80% lighter than mastic asphalt.
  • The DECSEAL® 2-in-1 system: The DECSEAL® range lead the way for the use of cold applied technology for car park waterproofing and surfacing. A joint waterproofing and wearing course system can be applied in a range of colors for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Products & Solutions

  • The INTEGRITANK® system: Transforming tunnel waterproofing, the INTEGRITANK® system  is a seamless, cold, spray-applied waterproofing membrane which is highly durable and resistant to sea and groundwater chemicals.  INTEGRITANK®  is also extensively used to protect roofs, podium decks and balconies. With excellent UV resistance, the membrane can be left permanently exposed and with no restrictive overcoating time, allowing phasing of works. The system can be applied and fully cures in a wide range of temperatures, enabling year round and worldwide application.
  • SAFETRACK® range: Innovative and durable high-performing road maintenance solutions, including high friction surfacing, filling of cracks and open joints or demarcation of the road surface.
  • METASET® ResiFilla system: Concrete levelling, repair and smoothing system provides solutions for defective concrete, stone and some asphalt surfaces.
  • SENTINEL® Expansion joints: Comprehensive waterproofing and movement joints provide a cost-effective, long life joint solution.