TL-0032 - Liquid Membrane at Extreme Cold and Extreme Warm Temperature Environments Technical Letter

BITUTHENE® Liquid Membrane is a very effective waterproofing accessory and an essential component of a properly installed GCP Waterproofing System. While BITUTHENE® Liquid Membrane is very easy to use, at extreme high temperatures and extreme low temperatures some best practices have been observed which may help facilitate proper installation.

At very low temperatures, BITUTHENE® Liquid Membrane may become stiff, making mixing and application challenging. Keeping BITUTHENE® Liquid Membrane in a heated truck or trailer until prior to application will ease mixing and application. At high temperatures, BITUTHENE® Liquid Membrane may cure too quickly. Keeping BITUTHENE® Liquid Membrane in a shady area or in an ice bath may ease application at these higher temperatures. Care should be taken not to contaminate the uncured Liquid Membrane with water so that its physical properties are not compromised.