Product Description

PREPRUFE® Tape and PREPRUFE® CJ Tape are specially formulated two sided, reinforced pressure sensitive tapes. The bottom side of the tape has a highly aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive which is designed to adhere to penetrations, protrusions and GCP waterproofing membranes and accessories. The top side of the tape has a pressure sensitive adhesive, a weather resistant protective coating and a release liner. Concrete is cast directly against the protective white coating of the tape. The specially developed PREPRUFE® adhesive layers work together to form a continuous and integral seal to the structure.

PREPRUFE® Tape and PREPRUFE® CJ Tape are provided in Low Temperature and Hot Climate Grades as follows:

  • PREPRUFE® Tape LT Grade and PREPRUFE® CJ Tape LT Grade - or temperatures between 25°F (-4°C) and 86°F (+30°C).
  • PREPRUFE® Tape HC Grade and PREPRUFE® CJ Tape HC Grade - for use in Hot Climates (minimum 50°F (10°C)).


PREPRUFE® Tape is a 4 in. (100 mm) wide tape used in detail areas including end laps, penetrations and various tie-ins. It is also used to patch damaged areas in the PREPRUFE® membranes.

PREPRUFE® CJ Tape is an 8 in. (200 mm) wide tape used at construction joints in the concrete that is cast against it or in critical areas where a wider tape is required.


Wipe substrates to receive PREPRUFE® Tape and PREPRUFE® CJ Tape clean to remove any dirt, dust or moisture. Clean the surface of penetrations or protrusions with a wire brush to remove dirt, dust, rust and loose particles.

Unroll the tape and adhere the exposed pressure sensitive adhesive surface to the membrane or penetration. The protective coating surface of the tape should face toward the concrete to be cast onto the tape.

The use of rollers is required to maximize adhesion. Remove the release liner during application.

Ensure the plastic release liner is removed from all areas of PREPRUFE® Tape and PREPRUFE® CJ Tape. It is recommended that concrete be poured within 56 days (42 days in hot climates) of application of the PREPRUFE® system. Following proper ACI guidelines, concrete must be placed carefully and consolidated properly to avoid damage to the membrane. Never use a sharp object to consolidate the concrete. Provide temporary protection from concrete over splash for areas of the tape that are adjacent to a concrete pour.

Dimensions (Nominal) PREPRUFE® Tape (HC or LT) PREPRUFE® CJ Tape (HC or LT)
Roll Size 4 in. x 49 ft. (100 mm x 15 m) 8 in. x 49 ft. (200 mm x 15 m)
Roll Weight 4.3 lbs (2 kg) 8.6 lbs (4 kg)