SPATTERKOTE® SK3 Product Data Sheet

Product Description

SPATTERKOTE® SK-3 is a mill-mixed Portland cement based cementitious spray applied fireproofing accessory product. It is designed to be used with MONOKOTE® MK-6®, MK-10HB, MK- 1000 HB, Z-106/G and RETROGUARD® RG Replacement Fireproofing on cellular steel decking with flat plate on the bottom and some roof-ceiling designs. Cement based SPATTERKOTE® bonds tenaciously to flexible galvanized flat plate steel surfaces used in many of today’s most advanced structural steel deck designs. When used in conjunction with MONOKOTE® MK-6, MK-10HB, MK-1000 HB, Z-106/G and/or Retro-Guard Fireproofing, SPATTERKOTE® provides the most reliable fireproofing systems available to the spray fireproofing industry.


SPATTERKOTE® SK-3 fireproofing shall be applied to all cellular steel floor units with flat plate on the bottom before the application of MONOKOTE® MK-6, MK-10HB, MK-1000 HB, Z106/G or RETROGUARD® Replacement Fireproofing. SPATTERKOTE® is also required in some roof-ceiling and concrete floor-ceiling designs and is optional on other steel surfaces. The thickness of SPATTERKOTE® product is included in the total final fireproofing thickness.


Application procedure shall conform to the material manufacturer’s application instructions. SPATTERKOTE® fireproofing shall be spray applied at the approximate rate of 1 lb/20 ft2 (1 kg/4.9 m2) [nominal 960 ft2/46 lbs (100 m2/21 kg) bag]. The product should be sprayed as its name suggests. After application, the deck areas should look lightly textured and when viewed directly from below, 10%–30% of the galvanized surface should remain exposed. A continuous coverage with no deck showing through is NOT acceptable.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces to receive SPATTERKOTE® shall be free of oil, grease, paints/primers, loose mill scale, dirt or other foreign substances which may impair proper adhesion of the fireproofing to the substrate. SPATTERKOTE® is not intended for application over alkali sensitive primers.

Job Set-Up, Equipment & Spray Instructions


SPATTERKOTE® fireproofing can be pumped through the main system directly from the main pump to a smaller pump on the floor or can be applied using a separate mixer/pump set up on the floor. The use of only a main system is considered most cost effective.

For simplest application, start with SPATTERKOTE® fireproofing first thing in the morning before application of MONOKOTE® has begun. Pumping will begin with SPATTERKOTE® product and be immediately followed with retarded MONOKOTE® (see caution for “sandwich” SPATTERKOTE® -MONOKOTE® alternate). Predetermine the number of bags of SPATTERKOTE® product needed to spray the entire floor and place near the mixer. UL requires a minimum waiting period of 30 minutes after SPATTERKOTE® product application before overspraying with MONOKOTE® or RETROGUARD®. A single floor or several floors may be sprayed with SPATTERKOTE® fireproofing at one time.

Job Set-Up

Set-up detailed below is based on pumping through the main MONOKOTE® system to an FM-9 (2L4 Rotor Stator) pump on the floor.

A large plaster pump, TM-30, A-3.75 or other (presently being used for MONOKOTE® application) is used to pump SPATTERKOTE® fireproofing through main system to the hopper of a small pump (FM-9 or other 2L4 Rotor Stator Pump) placed on spray floor. FM-9 is fitted with 100 ft (30.5 m) max of 11/4 in. (31 mm) plaster hose with 6 ft (1.8 m) pole gun. Pole gun to be 1 or 11/4 in. by 5 ft (25 mm or 31 mm by 1.5 m) aluminum pipe with hose swivel and nozzle fitted with 3/8 in. (10 mm) “tough boy” orifice. The 3/8 in. (10 mm) “tough boy” orifice is essential to obtain best pattern and throw to the steel surface, FM-9 to be fitted with front wheel to increase floor mobility. MONOKOTE® floor (main system) hose to be fitted with 2 in. (50 mm) KamLoc Brass (quick fit) fitting at the 2 in. x 11/2 in. (50 mm x 38 mm) reducer. 2 in. (50 mm) hose to be disconnected and placed near hopper of FM-9. Large pump must be able to be shut off from spray floor, 10 gallons (38 L) of water should be brought to the spray floor to allow for cleanout of the floor pump.


  • Material shall be SPATTERKOTE® fireproofing, Underwriters Laboratories designation “Type SK-3”, as manufactured by GCP Applied Technologies or its processing distributors.
  • Mixing water shall be clean, fresh and suitable for domestic consumption and free from such amounts of minerals or organic substances as would affect the set of the fireproofing.
  • Retarder material shall be Red Top Plaster Retarder as manufactured by United States Gypsum or approved equal.

Mixing Procedures

SPATTERKOTE® fireproofing is formulated to be mixed with water in a mechanical plaster mixer to form a cohesive, uniform slurry of 44–55 lb/ft3 (700–880 kg/m3). Water nominal 81/4 – 83/4 gallons (31.2–33.1 L) per bag should be added to the mixer followed by addition of SPATTERKOTE®. Mixing should continue and water adjusted to create a wet, creamy mix with the consistency of medium thick tomato/rice soup. Mixing a wet mix at 35 rpm for a period of 11/2 –3 minutes will produce proper consistency. Mix will be significantly wetter than MONOKOTE®.


  1. Large plaster pump (TM-30, A3.75 or equal) and hoses should be primed with a small amount of water. Pump should be placed in a low gear. When the hopper is empty the mixer can be dumped and SPATTERKOTE® product pumping can begin. When all of the SPATTERKOTE® product has been mixed and dumped into the pump hopper, the mixer must be dumped and allowed to empty completely. The first 3-bag batch of MONOKOTE® MK-6 can then be mixed with the addition of 2.5 oz (74 mL) one half of a 5 oz (148 mL) dixie cup of plaster retarder. Retarder must be added or fast setting will occur. When all of the SPATTERKOTE® fireproofing has been pumped and the hopper is empty, the retarded MONOKOTE® can be dumped and regular MONOKOTE® mixing/pumping can continue.
  2. On the spray floor the 2 in. (50 mm) hose (open mouth with quick fit) should be held in the hopper of the FM-9 and the SPATTERKOTE® product allowed to flow into the hopper. The FM-9 (soap the night before, see section c, which follows) should be placed in third gear. When the hopper of the FM-9 is approximately 1/2 full, start the pump and immediately begin SPATTERKOTE® product application. Experience will dictate the proper speed of the large main pump to match the output of the FM-9 floor pump.
  3. When MONOKOTE® appears at the mouth of the 2 in. (50 mm) hose, the main pump can be shut off and the 1 1/2 in. (38 mm) MONOKOTE® floor hose attached with the quick fit and laid aside until completion of SPATTERKOTE® product application. When all of the SPATTERKOTE® product has been pumped, 5 gallons (19 L) of water can be used to wash down the pump and clean the hoses. When this is complete, an additional 5 gallons (19 L) of water pumped through the system will complete the cleanout. When the system is clean, a small amount of liquid dish soap can be “dribbled” over the end of the turning stator tube in hopper. This will lubricate the stator and prevent sticking of the tube and rotor during start up at a later date.


  1. If SPATTERKOTE® fireproofing is sandwiched between MONOKOTE®  MK-6, MK-10 HB, MK-1000 HB, Z-106/G or RETROGUARD® (i.e., MONOKOTE®  pumping-change to SPATTERKOTE® -change back to Monokote) the MONOKOTE® batches in front of and following SPATTERKOTE® product MUST BE RETARDED. One half of a 5 oz (148 mL) dixie cup of plaster retarder added to the mixing water of a 3-bag batch of Monokote MK-6 or Retro-Guard is sufficient.
  2. Whenever changing products, the pump hopper should be allowed to completely empty and the sides scraped clean. Where mixing blades do not clean the mixer, a small amount of water should be added to the mixer and dumped into the full pump hopper to help empty the mixer completely.
  3. SPATTERKOTE® fireproofing product is cement-based. It will stain aluminum curtain walls, car finishes and other surfaces which are attacked by alkali (lime).
  4. Always review the information on the bag and in the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) before using the product. This product is manufactured for professional use only. | North America Customer Service: +1 (877) 423 6491

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