Heat and hydrocarbon resistant drainage geocomposite

Product Description

HYDRODUCT® 225 consists of a nominal 0.4 in. (10.16 mm) drainage core, a high performance geotextile and a high strength backing film. The high impact, creep resistant drainage core has a compressive strength of 21,000 lbs/ft2 (1000 kPa).


HYDRODUCT® 225 is designed to collect and transport water in hydrocarbon contaminated environments. It can be  used on horizontal applications which will be exposed to hydrocarbons such as airports and parking decks. HYDRODUCT® 225 can also be used on foundation walls, retaining walls, bridge abutments, tunnels, earth sheltered structures and soil retention systems. The discharge of water collected from contaminated soil must comply with federal, state and local regulations. HYDRODUCT® 225 can also be used in conjunction with hot asphalt as a setting bed for pavers. Temperature of the asphalt during installation should not exceed 325°F (183°C). Hand tamp pavers into hot asphalt. Do not use mechanical or vibratory compactors. Discontinuous wearing surfaces such as bricks, cobblestones, etc. should be set in a minimum 3 in. (75 mm) setting bed.

Product Advantages

  • Hydrocarbon resistant—suitable for contaminated environments
  • Heat resistant—use below hot asphalt bedding for pavers   Enhances
  • waterproofing—eliminates hydrostatic pressure build-up
  • Efficient water collector/deflector—can be used as a sandwich drainage layer between lagging and the reinforced concrete structure
  • Smooth polymeric sheet—compatible with PREPRUFE® , PROCOR®  or BITUTHENE® membranes Simple
  • convenient drainage and protection layer—serves as robust membrane protection and drainage
  • Geotextile fabric filter—allows ground water to pass into the drain core while restricting the movement of soil particles
  • High flow capacity—drains 23 gal/min./ft (286 L/min./m) width

Application Procedures

Safety, Storage and Handling Information

All construction products must be handled properly. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available and users should acquaint themselves with this information. Carefully read detailed precaution statements on product labels and the SDS before use.


In vertical applications, HYDRODUCT® 225 can be applied to the substrate vertically or horizontally but, in either case, should extend from the perimeter discharge pipe to a point approximately 6 in. (150 mm) below the anticipated grade line.

When adhering HYDRODUCT® 225 directly to BITUTHENE® waterproofing membranes, PREPRUFE® Detail Tape should be used. When using PREPRUFE® Detail Tape, press firmly to ensure good adhesion. Substrate and job site conditions  will determine attachment pattern. Abut adjacent rolls with excess fabric overlapping in shingle fashion.

For inside and outside corners, abut adjoining drainage composite at the corner. Cover open core with extra geotextile filter fabric.

The exposed core along the top terminations should be covered with a strip of geotextile to prevent intrusion of soil into core. At the bottom termination extend the HYDRODUCT® 225 out from the structure so that it passes behind and under the perimeter discharge pipe. Additional geotextile should be wrapped over the pipe to prevent soil intrusion.

The exposed core along the top terminations should be covered with a strip of geotextile to prevent intrusion of soil    into core. At the bottom termination extend the HYDRODUCT® 225 out from the structure so that it passes behind and under the perimeter discharge pipe. Additional geotextile should be wrapped over the pipe to prevent soil intrusion.

In horizontal applications, adhere HYDRODUCT® 225 with PREPRUFE® Detail Tape. Substrate and job site conditions will determine attachment pattern. Additional consideration should be given in high wind exposures. Abut all edges tightly with the excess geotextile placed over the adjacent roll in shingle fashion.
HYDRODUCT® 225 should be covered promptly. Do not leave HYDRODUCT® 225 exposed to sunlight for more than  two weeks. Motor vehicles, construction equipment or other trades should not be allowed directly on the HYDRODUCT® 225.


Roll size 4 ft x 50 ft (1.22 m x 15.2 m) 200 ft 2 (18.29 m2)
Packaging 6 rolls/pallet
Weight 50 lbs (22 kg)/roll
Complimentary Materials  
PREPRUFE® Detail Tape 2 in. x 50 ft (50 mm x 15 m) roll/16 rolls per carton

Physical Properties

Drainage Core    
Thickness 0.4 in. (10.16 mm) nominal ASTM D-1777
Compressive strength 21,000 lbs/ft2 (1000 kPa) ASTM D1621
Flow rate (gradient 1.0) 21 gal/min./ft (260 L/min./m) ASTM D4716
Tensile strength 370 lbs  / 250 lbs (CD) 1,647 kN  / 1,113 kN  ASTM D4632
Apparent opening size 40 U.S. sieve (0.42 mm) ASTM D4751
Flow rate 60 gal/min./ft2 (2460 L/min./m2) ASTM D4491
CBR puncture 850 lbs (3.781 kN) ASTM D6241

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