TACK COAT SA1030 Data Sheet


Product Description

Tack Coat SA1030 is a polymer-modified bond coat, applied over the ELIMINATOR® waterproofing membrane to provide a very strong bond between the membrane and hot bituminous road surfacing.


Tack Coat SA1030 is applied to the ELIMINATOR® waterproofing membrane to provide a bond between the membrane and the bituminous wearing course. It is recommended where the bitumen content in the surfacing specification is low and/or where the surfacing layer is thin.


  • Provides an excellent bond between the ELIMINATOR® waterproofing membrane and the surfacing
  • Solidifies rapidly after application

Technical Data

Property Value
Material application temperature 350°F to 375°F
Minimum activation temperature 200°F
Minimum overcoating time for
application of surfacing
30 minutes

Surface Preparation

Tack Coat SA1030 is applied direct to the cured ELIMINATOR® membrane, which must be clean and free from loose debris, moisture and contaminants.


1. The applied Tack Coat SA1030 must be allowed to cool fully to the ambient temperature for a minimum of 30 minutes after application before surfacing can commence.
2. The rolling temperature of the surfacing must not fall below the minimum Tack Coat SA1030 reactivation temperature of 200°F.
3. The Tack Coat SA1030 must be clean and free from all contaminants and standing water during surfacing.
4. The mechanical action of the asphalt-paving machine on the Tack Coat SA1030 must be kept to a minimum. Wherever possible, a paving machine with pneumatic or balloon tires     should be used. Extra care must be taken if using a tracked paving vehicle, as this form of traction increases the possibility of pickup of the tack coat.
5. The wheels or tracks of the paving machine must be kept clean and sprayed regularly with a detergent/water solution at a ratio of 1:100, to minimize the risk of their sticking to the tack coat.
6. The wheels of all asphalt delivery vehicles must also be inspected, cleaned and sprayed with the detergent/water solution at ratio of 1:100, before being allowed to drive on the tack coat.
7. Vehicles remaining stationary on the Tack Coat SA1030 should be avoided, particularly pavers with heat and vehicles that have traversed freshly-applied hot asphalt. If operations are stopped or delayed, all vehicles should be removed from the tack coat or their wheels isolated from the tack coat with protection boards.


  • Tack Coat SA1030 is applied at a rate of 140 ft2 /50lb box, equal to 25-35 ft2 /gal.

Packaging & Storing

Bond Coat SA1030 is supplied in cardboard tubes and should be stored in cool, dry, protected conditions, out of direct sunlight and in accordance with the relevant site health and safety regulations. Storage temperature should not exceed 77°F. Storage at elevated temperatures may cause deformation of the cardboard packaging. Although this is best avoided, it will have no detrimental effect on the performance of the material. 

Do not store near open flames or foodstuffs.

Stored in unopened containers, under these conditions, the components have a shelf life of twelve months.

Health & Safety

Read and understand the product label and safety data sheet (SDS) for each system component. All users should acquaint themselves with this information prior to working with the products and follow the precautionary statements. SDSs can be obtained by contacting your local GCP representative or office, by calling GCP toll free at 1-866-333-3SBM (3726) and in some cases from our web site at gcpat.com.

Important Information for General Contractors and Paving Contractors

General contractors and surfacing contractors applying hot rolled asphalt over Stirling Lloyd’s Tack Coat SA1030 and ELIMINATOR® bridge deck waterproofing system must follow the information given below. It is important that this guidance is followed to reduce or minimize any risk of tack coat pick up on the wheels of vehicles involved in the paving, since the adhesive properties of Tack Coat SA1030 are formed by heat.

General Information

Bond Coat SA1030 is part of a wide range of specialist waterproofing, surfacing and repair materials manufactured and supplied by GCP Applied Technologies. If you require any further information on this or any other of our products, please contact Technical Services or visit www.gcpat.com


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