DE NEEF® Pipe Plug Kit

Product Description

DE NEEF® Pipe Plug Kit is a unique product for sealing electrical conduits and other irregular annular spaces. It’s a self contained kit that has everything you need to apply it.

Product Applications

  • Electrical conduits
  • Filling irregular spaces

Packaging & Handling

DE NEEF® Pipe Plug Kit contains rubber gloves, 16oz of DE NEEF® CFL PURe Grout, the appropriate amounts of DE NEEF® Flex Cat PURe Activator, and batting. Each kit contains enough material to seal the inside of a 4” diameter pipe to a depth of 3”.

DE NEEF® Pipe Plug Kit should be stored in a dry place at temperatures between 60°F and 90°F (15°C-32°C). 

Product Advantages

  • Free foam expansion 15 times initial volume
  • No volatile solvents
  • NSF/ANSI 61 Potable water approved
  • Non-Flammable
  • No measuring needed

Installation Guidelines

Warning: Consult the Technical Data Sheets and SDS before using.

Installation Instructions: 

  • Empty the bag and put on the gloves.
  • Add small bottle of clear DE NEEF® Flex Cat PURe Activator to the 16oz. bottle of DE NEEF® CFL PURe Grout. Shake well.
  • Place batting into the bag, and pour the grout in.
  • Knead the bag until all the grout has been absorbed.
  • Remove the desired amount, and briefly submerge in tepid water (do not soak).
  • Immediately pack the grout soaked batting into the area to be water proofed.
  • Contact DE NEEF® Technical Services at 1-713-896-0123 for more detailed information.

Cleaning: Clean all tools and equipment which have been in contact with the resin with DE NEEF® Washing Agent before resin has cured. Products should be disposed of according to local, state, and federal laws.

Health and Safety

Always use protective clothing, gloves and goggles consistent with OSHA regulations. Avoid eye and skin contact. Do not ingest. Refer to SDS. 

For emergencies, call CHEMTREC 1-800-424-9300.


Avoid splashing water into open kits, as the material is water activated. Avoid exceeding 90ºF when warming.

CAUTION: pH NOTICE. Water used to activate PURe Grouts must be in the pH range of 3-10 for optimum foam quality.

Do not thin with solvents. Confirm product performance in specific chemical environment prior to use. 



Solids 100% ASTM D2369 Method B
Viscosity (77°F)  350 cps ASTM D2196 Method A
Color Brown liquid  
Density 8.75 – 9.17 lbs/gal ASTM D1475
Flashpoint >266°F ASTM D93
Toxicity Non-toxic NSF/ANSI 61 approved Non-toxic NSF/ANSI 61 approved
DE NEEF® Flex Cat PURe  
Viscosity (77°F) 5-16 cps ASTM D2196 Method A
Appearance Transparent  
Flashpoint 221°F ASTM D93
DE NEEF® Cured Pipe Plug  
Density confined 8.75 - 9.17 lbs/gal A ASTM D3574 
Tensile Strength 89 psi ASTM D3574
Elongation 35% ASTM D3574 
Shrinkage Less than 4% ASTM D2126
Toxicity Non-toxic NSF/ANSI 61 approved Non-toxic NSF/ANSI 61 approved
Absorption 1 2% (after 6 months immersion in water) Cured and confined

Note: The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations from the data shown above may result.