MONOKOTE® LEED Fire Protection Products

Where Safety Meets Sustainability.

For decades, MONOKOTE® SFRM fireproofing products have provided superior fire protection. But, fire safety alone is no longer enough. That same MONOKOTE® technology now also comes with a strong sustainability profile that gives building professionals, building owners, and occupants greater peace of mind.

Where Safety Meets Sustainability (Download print version 2.1mb).


LEED, and the Living Building Challenge

We are tackling environmental challenges by investing in:

Products that reduce the environmental impact of construction
People who believe in protecting our air, water, and earth
Processes that reduce our manufacturing footprint

Claims You Can Count On

With rising demand for sustainable and “greener” products, we have seen an increase in “green-washing”—misleading marketing about the environmental benefits of a product. All information related to the sustainability of MONOKOTE® SFRM fireproofing products has been investigated and verified by third parties. Environmental industry leaders, such as Athena, ILFI, UL Environment, and ASTM review our claims. Meeting these industry standards gives the end user confidence that the claims made are accurate.

MONOKOTE® Fire Protection and LEED v4

Building Design + Construction and Interior Design + Construction Rating Systems

Green Attribute LEED v4 Credit How MONOKOTE® Fire Protection Products can help

Construction and Demolition Waste Management

In areas where facilities exist, the packaging for all MONOKOTE® SFRM is recyclable. These materials can contribute to two waste streams: paper (from bags) and wood (from pallets). Also, MONOKOTE® product leftover from the project can be reused - eliminating waste. Please contact your local GCP Applied Technologies representative for more information on this program.
Environmental Product Declaration / Life Cycle Assessment

Building Product Disclosure and Optimization—Environmental Product Declarations OPTION 1

Our ASTM-certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for SFRM is a Type III product-specific EPD covering all MONOKOTE® products. This EPD also covers our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
Recycled Content

Building Product Disclosure and Optimization—Sourcing of Raw Materials OPTION 2

Depending on the material that’s right for your job, MONOKOTE® products have up to 8% recycled content. Please contact your local GCP Applied Technologies representative for more information on the recycled content of various MONOKOTE®.
Ingredient Transparency

Building Product Disclosure and Optimization—Material Ingredients OPTION 1

Our Declare labels and our UL-verified Product Lens transparency report can contribute toward the 20 disclosure statements required to meet the credit threshold.
VOC Limits

Low Emitting Materials

MONOKOTE® SFRM products are third-party tested to meet both the VOC emissions requirements and the VOC content requirements of LEED v4.

Acoustic Performance

In addition to fire resistance properties, MONOKOTE® fireproofing materials provide NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) values, reducing the need to purchase and install additional materials for soundproofing within the building envelope.