house wrap / flashing

Flashing tapes – The VYCOR® line of flashing tapes includes a high-performance, self-adhered strip with non-asphaltic butyl-modified adhesive, self-adhered flashing for windows, doors and details, self-adhered aluminum flashing for exposed applications, and a 40-mil, self-adhered flashing for critical, non-roof details.

Window flashing tape details – Reference more than 20 window flashing detail drawings for various applications, including: recessed windows, half-round windows, flanged windows (with and without), sliding windows and stucco.

Aluminum flashing – A high-performance, self-adhered flashing membrane, that provides premium protection against water infiltration in all critical detail areas, that traditional building papers, felts and house wraps cannot match. When properly installed, aluminum flashing can reduce the risk of rot and mold development, often associated with costly call-backs.

Roof-to-wall flashing – Included here is a detail on how to properly connect the house wrap system to a roofing underlayment.

Wall flashing – Detailed instruction on how to install and properly lap a self-adhered house wrap on elevated applications.