house wrap / flashing

Flashing tapes – The VYCOR® line of flashing tapes includes a high-performance, self-adhered strip with non-asphaltic butyl-modified adhesive, self-adhered flashing for windows, doors and details, self-adhered aluminum flashing for exposed applications, and a 40-mil, self-adhered flashing for critical, non-roof details.

Window flashing tape details – Reference more than 20 window flashing detail drawings for various applications, including: recessed windows, half-round windows, flanged windows (with and without), sliding windows and stucco.

Roof-to-wall flashing – Included here is a detail on how to properly connect the house wrap system to a roofing underlayment.

Wall flashing – Detailed instruction on how to install and properly lap a self-adhered house wrap on elevated applications.