Meet the Scientist - Alessandro Schibuola

R&D Manager and Technical Services Manager, Cement Additives

Alessandro's career

Alessandro Schibuola serves as a technical resource to cement customers across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Based in Passirana, Italy, Alessandro and his team advise customers on selecting cement additives that will save money and help reduce their carbon footprint by lowering the clinker factor in cement. As part of his role, he evaluates new raw materials to determine their impact on cement production, drives new product innovations, and supports quality improvements across GCP’s cement additive plants across the region.

“This role is extremely dynamic,” Alessandro said. “I have the opportunity to work with so many people, from different regions and different cultures. What’s most fulfilling to me is my work around sustainability. Cement companies are moving quickly to reach 2030 targets in reducing CO2, and our OPTEVA® CO2ST® reducers play an important role in this mission. It’s exciting to see the possibilities and to do something that will benefit future generations.”

Alessandro recently celebrated his 10-year anniversary with GCP, where he started as an additive technician before being promoted to a technologist, a chemist, and then a technical service manager. Since that time, he has made an indelible mark on the company. Notably, he developed and patented the next generation of chromium reducers, and played a key role in the expansion of the company’s mineral additives. 

Most recently, he was part of the team to develop the GCP DASH® Additive Intelligence tool. Used by GCP field reps during virtual and in-person meeting with cement producers, this real-time product selection application helps customers more quickly identify the optimum additive formulations to achieve their strategic goals, such as increasing the use of supplementary cementitious materials. 

Before joining GCP, he earned his MS in Environmental Chemistry from the Università degli Studi di Milano. 

Community involvement

Alessandro is deeply rooted in the animal welfare community, collaborating with several animal rescue organizations, including Mi Fido di te. Many dogs are rescued in southern Italy and then cared for by dedicated volunteers like Alessandro, who host the dogs in their home until they find a permanent adoptive home. Having had dogs as part of his life since a young child, hosting rescue dogs was a natural fit for Alessandro, who enjoys spending time with the dogs in his garden. He often stays in touch with each dog’s adoptive families, who share happy updates along the way. 


Industry influence

In addition to his R&D and technical service responsibilities, Alessandro has authored papers in International Cement Review and World Cement, and has led popular webinars about improving CO2 reduction in the cement industry. 

“There is a great deal of innovation involved with improving the sustainability footprint of the construction industry. Our products can make a real difference.”