Ohio Architect's Home: VYCOR® enV-S™ Goes Up Easy, Even for First-Timers

From left: Dan Meehan, retired Ohio architect, and Brandon Wulf, GCP residential product expert. Video courtesy of Dan Meehan.

​First experience installing Vycor: POSITIVE

Due to the self-adhered application of VYCOR® enV-S™ weather resistive barrier, only a roller and knife are required to hang the house wrap. Dan Meehan, a retired Ohio architect who's building his retirement home on Lake Erie affirmed the installation was not difficult, despite Dan and his framers' never using Vycor before.

"We were all kind of curious about how it would go up," Dan said. "It didn't take long to get comfortable with (the Vycor)…We had some (really high) areas a couple of stories tall. The contractors draped it down in a breeze and it went up very well. The key was having a couple of people on hand so that you could start from the top, bring it down and peel back the film. Keep it lined up. The overlap marks worked really well…Once (they started) working with (the Vycor) the contractors got it right away. Overall it was a very positive experience."

The ease of application

"(I) felt good after the VYCOR® enV-S™ was up. (I) knew it was fully adhered. It was overlapped…(I) knew I got good coverage. The consistency of the installation (gave me) a lot of confidence that my building envelope was well sealed."


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