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Vycor® PRO

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Vycor® PRO provides premium protection against water infiltration in all critical non-roof detail areas. Its aggressive adhesive creates a superior barrier against air and water intrusion. Vycor® PRO is a self-adhering flashing composed of du​rable engineered polypropropylene sheet, paired with an aggressive, non-asphaltic, butyl-modified adhesive that seals around fasteners and forms water-tight laps. Its excellent low temperature adhesion and high in-service temperature limit make it a versatile product for use year round in all climates.

The product's superior adhesive capabilities, its compatibility with flexible PVC window flanges and many other building materials, its extended exposure time, and flexible application make Vycor® PRO an ideal building solution for many jobsite conditions.

It comes in 4", 6", 9", and 12" widths, 75' long rolls.

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Vycor® Installation Brochure
Weather Protection Systems Brochure
Sell Sheet - Vycor Pro
Guide Specification-Vycor® PRO
Guide Specifications
  • Superior adhesive capabilities create a high-quality barrier against air and water intrusion
  • Compatible with rigid and flexible PVC window nailing flanges
  • Optimizes energy performance
  • Wide application window for installation flexibility
  • 120 days of exposure provides work scheduling flexibility