Coatings for Cans and Closures
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Coatings for Cans and Closures

GCP Applied Technologies offers a range of coating materials for both the internal and external surfaces of can products and closures. These coatings are designed to prevent metal corrosion, protect package contents from the influence of metal, ensure proper adhesion of sealing compounds, and allow graphics printing on the exterior of can products.  

Darex Can Coatings

The flagship GCP sealant and coating brand, Darex specialty coatings are engineered to work with all Darex can and closure sealants as integrated systems. Darex coatings are available in a broad range of materials to provide specialized protection to interior and exterior consumer and industrial can products. They are designed and manufactured to meet the highest organoleptic standards to insure FDA and food law compliance. 

Apperta® Coatings - for Easy Open Ends

Apperta® Coatings from GCP are a complete line of internal, external and score repair coatings  for easy open ends, based on a variety of chemistries and versatile enough to cover all of your food packaging needs. Apperta® coatings bring the superior performance and regulatory expertise to this demanding segment of the can industry.  

Sistiaga® Coatings - for Aluminum Containers

Our SISTIAGA® can coatings are specifically designed for use with extruded, monobloc aluminum containers. Our internal coatings preserve the integrity of aluminum containers by protecting from corrosion. They remain neutral and improve container shelf-life. SISTIAGA® external coatings provide a basecoat for application of high-impact graphics and colors.

For support in selecting the right can coatings for your specific application, please contact your GCP representative.



APPERTA® 1019-34® 1019-34Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1019-48® 1019-48Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1832-16® 1832-16Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1833-01® 1833-01Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1882-02® 1882-02Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1882-03® 1882-03Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1882-04® 1882-04Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1883-05® 1883-05Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1883-06® 1883-06Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1884-03® 1884-03Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1917-01® 1917-01Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1918-01® 1918-01Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1918-02® 1918-02Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1941-01® 1941-01Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1941-02® 1941-02Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1941-03® 1941-03Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1963-01® 1963-01Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1963-02® 1963-02Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1963-03® 1963-03Easy-open end lacquer
APPERTA® 1963-11® 1963-11Easy-open end lacquer