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February 16, 2017


DAREX® Packaging Technologies Price Increase

The DAREX® Packaging Technologies operating segment of GCP Applied Technologies will increase prices up to 12%, effective March 1, 2017, subject to the terms of any applicable contracts.

The price increase reflects several economic factors driving rapidly rising costs of key raw materials. These factors include increased demand for petrochemicals and tightening supply of rubber-related feedstocks which are increasing costs for raw materials used in many DAREX® products, including natural and synthetic latex, rubbers, resin, pigments, and hydrocarbon solvents.

"We remain committed to providing customers with high-performing products and technical service focused on improving the quality and integrity of packaging products. The price increases are necessary to offset inflationary pressures and to maintain our investment in developing innovative solutions for our valued customers."

                    –Laurie D. Andriate, President, Darex Packaging Technologies


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